Previously in X-Men Legacy, we have been following David Charles Haller (aka Legion), also known as the recently deceased Professor X’s son, and currently one of the most powerful mutants in the world around. Not only have we been following him on a quest to save innocent children but we’ve also been delving into his mind as he fights his multiple personalities in order to retain control over them.

At the end of the last issue he had finally taken control of his body and minds. He had saved the day. He had stood up to the X-Men in a way to show that his way was right and there’s was wrong. Things were going good for David.

Of course that never lasts for long. In the last few pages and introduction in this issue, we see his perfectly built force of will shatter against a new personality that has entered his mind. Supposedly the late and great Charles Xavier is now one of Legion’s personalities and his inability to give Legion any credit has shattered his self confidence.

Will this be the real Charles Xavier? While I personally think it’s either one of David’s other personalities messing with him for control, or an outside influence, there’s always the chance this really is Charles. Perhaps this will be how they lead into bringing the world’s most powerful mental power back to life or as a way to cross over into the Avengers and take down the Red Skull whose using his powers for evil. My guess is one of the first two and honestly it doesn’t matter because that isn’t the point of this issue.

The point of this issue is two-fold. First off it is to tell us an entertaining story. Second off it’s to develop what will clearly be a key relationship in the near future of this series between Legion and his most likely future love interest Blindfold.

In the last few issues they’ve shown that David will be a threat to mutants everywhere. While it’s unclear as to if this was a warning for him being used like he had been in the last story arc, or from what is to come. David wants to prove everyone wrong though and starts off by doing so in style.

He visits the religious nutbags that turned Blindfold’s brother into a mutant hating bigot. She’s following him mentally and doesn’t realize he can see that she’s watching him.

She at first is angry with him thinking he just wants to steal her brother’s prophecies about the future. She quickly is explained to that he’s only there to put them out of commission for awhile to stop spreading their hate across the globe. He also explains to her that it really is a rather wierd first date.

While I’m a bit off put by her response that it’s a date as she’s usually shown as very stoic it was still an interesting setup for whatever it is they are leading into. Also the way she’s drawn throughout the entire issue seems more nymphlike and emotional than she is normally portrayed.

How David manipulates the racist church is an absolute blast to watch and something any fan of the series will love to see. The inclusion of Abigail Brand’s sense of humor is very fitting and works well in the context of taking down the church.

All in all a humorous issue though in the last scene it does appear that David finds Blindfold’s brother’s prophecies. I wonder what that is going to end up meaning.

For a character I don’t usually enjoy this version of Legion is truly growing on me.

Artist: Tan Eng Huat