With ‘Iron Man 3‘ kicking off Marvel’s Phase Two of movies, Marvel appears to be looking ahead to Phase Three.  Latino Review purports to have gotten the lowdown on which mystical baddies might be facing off against Doctor Strange in The Sorcerer Supreme’s live action movie, which should– if things go according to plan– follow Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man flick.  The website has very often scored some pretty accurate scoops in the past, however we’re still very early in the game.  (I’m not even sure that the film is in pre-production yet.)

But just in case, this could still be pretty SPOILER-IFFIC so stop reading, if you don’t want  to know!

The first name on the list is not much of a surprise.  It’s…

… the dreaded Dormammu, eons-old ruler of The Dark Dimension.  The powerful sorcerer has proven to be Doctor Strange’s most persistent and powerful nemesis, so his inclusion is pretty much a no-brainer.  Thor battled Loki.  Captain America battled The Red Skull.  So it makes perfect sense that Doctor Strange would battle his most noted enemy.

Dormammu will be assisted by…

… Baron Karl Mordo, a disciple of mystic mentor The Ancient One before the arrival of Doctor Stephen Strange.  Mordo became jealous of Strange and after The Ancient One chose Strange over Mordo, he left and over the years clashed repeatedly with Strange and even in the comics was used as a pawn by Dormammu.

The golem-like Mindless Ones will also factor in at some point.  These brainless monsters submit to the will of their master and are kept imprisoned in The Dark Dimension.

Of course, like I said, it’s awful early for these types of leaks, but Latino Review has a pretty good track record and the choices are obvious.  (Not that Doctor Strange has that large a rogue’s gallery to begin with.)  So take this report with a grain of salt, but feel free to comment below!