Another Marvel hero is drawn into the Fearless Defenders fold and it’s one that actually already has ties to Valkyrie, Danielle Moonstar of the New Mutants.  Unfortunately for her, someone has targeted her just for that very reason.

Elsewhere, we learn that Brunhilda failed in her efforts to assemble a new team of the Valkyrior, Asgard’s Shield Maidens.  She claims to have struggled in deciding which of Earth’s heroes to recruit, but she also spent a lot of time drinking, having sex and watching TV.  Her failure has created a void and now the Death Maidens, the precursors of the Valkyrior, are threatening to return.

The art on this book is a bit uneven.  I like it overall and there were several panels that I thought were stunning, but it’s just a bit generic in a few places.  So it’s not the most gorgeous books, but there are several instances when it is fantastic.

I liked that Dani really got to kick ass and shine.  Cullen Bunn did an excellent job of emphasizing why she’s such a great character, despite no longer having super powers.  The interaction between Misty and Val… not to mention Misty’s archaeologist buddy Annabelle Riggs, is really fun.  There is some sharp dialogue, but there could be more.  Much like the artwork, it’s just kind of bubbling just under greatness.  There are a few really nice moments, but a lot of it is just okay.

I’m going to remain optimistic.  There are some really nice bits to it, in art and story, but it’s not wowing me yet.  (I do like it better than Birds of Prey, which I ultimately dropped, because it was just okay.)  BUT, there’s been a lot of talk about female books not selling well and I think mediocrity is a big part of that.  Mediocre books are NOT going to sell.  But Fearless Defenders is better than mediocre and I think it’ll find its footing as we go on.


Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Will Sliney
Cover by Mark Brooks