Young Justice Producer Greg Weisman gave an in-depth interview to The World’s Finest, wherein he spilled details of the behind-the-scenes of the show and discussed it’s ending.

Regarding “The Team” ballooning in the show’s second season, he stated:

I would say that the original core Team was more of a priority than some of the new characters. But fundamentally the second season was plot-driven. I don’t think we sacrificed character, but characterization would have to come on the fly in service of the larger story. Season One was about us weaving a tapestry to introduce world, characters, conflicts, etc. Season Two had a single driving story (on multiple fronts) and the characters that have been emphasized – or at any rate received the most screen time – were the ones that the story required. So early in Season Two, you see more of Superboy – but less of him in the second half. On the other hand, Artemis barely appeared in the first half-dozen episodes, but her role became quite important, starting in episode 207 and forward. Blue Beetle, as a creation of the Reach, was obviously going to increase in importance as the season progressed and more and more of that connection and its accompanying dilemma were revealed. And because we only had 20 episodes in Season Two, rather than the 26 we had in Season One, I think it’s fair to say that certain characters got shorter shrift than others. But the goal was never to give everyone equal time, but rather to make the most of what time we had to offer. I suppose one could make the argument that certain characters didn’t need to appear at all, i.e. the fewer the characters, the more screen time there would be for those that made the cut. But (a) I’m not sure the audience would all agree on exactly who should make that cut, and (b) we had fun with every single character for as much or as little time as we could afford to give them. (I wouldn’t choose to cut Wonder Girl just because her only big episode was “Beneath”.) So instead, we just tried to be true to our continuity and introduce the characters that we felt would be there five years on. If some of those Freshmen – and even some of our Juniors and Seniors – didn’t receive equal time with everyone else, I can live with that.

Discussing the tone of the second season, he said:

I like to think Season Two showed them all growing up. Physically, obviously, for all but Superboy. But also it showed them maturing. Taking on more responsibility. Making decisions – some right, some wrong, some debatable – that are more adult in nature. It seemed extremely important to [Producer Brandon Vietti] and myself, that in a show about coming of age that we got to see a few of the characters do just that.

He also discusses the casting process and reveals some of the heroes who joined both teams during the five year gap between Seasons One and Two.   A few surprises were:

A01 – Lucas Carr
A04 – John Smith (This is Red Tornado’s alter ego)
A05 – Billy Batson (Shazam’s)
A13 – Jay Garrick
B10 – Tempest
B12 – Troia
B14 – Lieutenant Marvel
B15 – Sergeant Marvel

Agonizingly, several entries on his list were concealed due to spoiler warnings, so many heroes joined both the Justice League and The Team but they either won’t be revealed or possibly will appear in the series finale this Saturday.  I guess we won’t see the ones he revealed, so once again, Troia (a.k.a. Donna Troy the original Wonder Girl) gets the shaft, seeing as she is the only member of the Teen Titans that also never appeared on that cartoon.

To wrap things up, Weisman said:

Mostly, I just hope that the characters meant something to them. That they felt real. Not perfect. Real.

I have no final thoughts on Young Justice, because in my head, nothing’s final. Never The End…

Does that mean there is a chance that Young Justice could return in some capacity?  I know fans would love to see it!  It was one of the most sophisticated and well-produced comic book cartoons ever!  I for one will be very sad when the final episode airs this Saturday, March 16th at 10:30 on the Cartoon Network.

What are your thoughts on the end of this great show?  Is there anything you would have liked to have seen that never happened?  Please leave a comment below with anything you’d like to share about YJ!