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Every day it seems as though we’re getting more news on the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ film. So far we’ve been getting a ton of casting information such as the fact that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are all up for reprising their roles in the film. We know that they cancelled a comedic animated show as they didn’t want it to interfere with the tone on this one so we’re probably going to be getting a more serious feel. We also know that if the original actors are reprising their roles, that the film will be set in the future.Recently it was mentioned on Film Buff Online that Billy Dee Williams was asked about whether he would be appearing in the upcoming film. Apparently he has stated that he has been asked but hasn’t yet decided to do it or not.

One truly has to wonder at that comment. Williams has had no qualms reprising his role as Lando in a variety of animated films, games, Robot Chicken episodes and even in the 2009 released ‘Fanboys’ movie. With the variety of places he’s voiced the character, it’s very clear that Williams has no problems being Lando. So unless his reason to not reprise his role was due to a health concern about not being able to do a full production, I’m not sure why we would have any real reason to have him not appear. Even if there is a concern for a full length film, he could just take a cameo role. We want more Lando! Better yet we want more Lando and Solo interaction. The two were just born for verbal jousting!

There are plenty of ways to incorporate Lando into the series if they go the Expanded Universe route. And if the film goes on an original course, it would be simple to pencil something in.Remember, we aren’t even sure if the original cast are the main characters or are just making guest appearances.

Personally I’d love to see a return to Cloud City or Lando returning to a semi-scoundrel type way to match with how he and Han Solo apparently used to be. Having just read ‘Scoundrels’ by Timothy Zahn, I’m addicted to the idea of seeing him fit more in that role instead of playing at being reformed.

What do you think? Would you like to see Williams again as Lando Calrission one more time?