Hellboy’s journey through hell continues in the 4th issue of Hellboy in Hell. After over a year off, the page in print I’ve been raving over the subtle nuances hidden in Hellboy is returning. Mike Mignola has been able to continue giving us the solid artwork and plot mixed with the silence of Hell that our hero has found himself in? Read on to find out!

We open the first page to see Hellboy floating within the Abyss which he had fallen into last issue. Luck is on his side though as we see a portal opened and our hornless friend dragged through it and plopped down before a masked man. In his recent years Hellboy has often changed his method from attacking first to waiting to see what will happen and this stance does him well in this instance.

He is officially introduced to the masked figure from the first issue of this story arc and find that his name is Edward Grey. We learn that Hellboy’s memories of what he has done since he has entered Hell aren’t complete and perhaps he should be OK with that. It was hinted previously that hey may have given into temptation and killed Satan and Edward implies once more that this happened and it’s best that he not remember. Memories such as that may only act as a catalyst to unleash other demons within Hellboy’s heart.

We find out more about Edward in this tale and his past is very similar to Hellboy’s own in some cases. He was a paranormal investigator. He would work at any end to stop those who are evil from messing with the occult and inadvertently gave his life to that job. At the very end of his tale he claims that Hellboy is for the first time free of destiny as no one who would use his hand as a key is still counted among the living.

The tale is told through flashbacks and the faded hues of the dead in Hell compared to the contrast of colors from the flashback are a welcome change. While we do have quite a bit of additional dialogue and action in this comic, it is mostly on Edward explaining his past and showing what he did to land himself as an immortal trapped in Hell.

One interesting tidbit is he tells also a small tale of the house they are in that it is guarded against the demons that dwell in this pit of suffering. When Hellboy asks why he was able to enter Edward responds that Hellboy clearly isn’t a normal resident of Hell.

As Hellboy departs we find that there was another man watching what transpired here. The same man who had made this house a safe spot against the demons that surround them.

He talks with Edward and we find out that Hellboy has at least three large tasks left in his destiny. Edward claims he is taking one of them on as his own but the tale of Hellboy is far from over though perhaps for at least a little time he may have peace. Hellboy walks the city he finds himself in with a smile on his face and a cigar in his hand. He may have found peace but how long shall it last?

Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Mike Mignola
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Mike Mignola