If any one of thought that Gotham City was supposed to be an metaphor for New York City, we were wrong. It turns out that Batman does exist, and he is an overweight man in Bradford, UK, and area that, with a crime rate over the national average, likely needs him.

On February 25th, a man dressed as Batman marched into the Trafalgar House police station with a 27-year old offender in tow. The delinquent was then charged with fraud and handling stolen goods.

The identity of Batman is unknown, though there be some way to unmask him, unlike the wily Bruce Wayne.

Batman was said to have spoken with a local accent, and a costume shop owners claims that man came in and bought that same exact outfit before the incident in question. The shopkeeper, however, is doing her civic duty and keeping his identity a secret though she has the credit card slip from his payment. Despite this, though, she revealed that he was tall, and had curly black hair.

With these facts in mind, it seems that we can’t discount that Christian Bale may have in fact been Batman, seeing as he is tall with curly dark hair. Being an actor, he could easily affect a Bradford accent. The potbelly could have been added into the costume in order to hide his identity.

This is not the first time people have donned a cape to stop crime, nor will it likely be the last. In Seattle, there has been a foray of costumed heroes who have set themselves with the task of protecting the innocent.

This is also not the first time someone has dressed up as Batman and wandered the streets.

It likely will not be the last.

(Source: BBC)


The identity of Batman has been found out. It is not Bruce Wayne, as we all suspected, but Stan Worby, a Chinese takeout delivery man. He had done it in order to teach his friend, Danny Frayne, a lesson.

(Source: LA Times)