Mass Effect has essentially become the Star Wars of the video game industry. There, I said it. With a best-selling and critically-lauded trilogy forming the center of the Mass Effect universe, the series has expanded to novels, mobile games, talks of a potential film adaptation, and even a few tie-in comics along the way.

It seems that publisher Dark Horse saw quite a bit of success with the Mass Effect comics they’ve released over the past few years. Fans of the franchise will be happy to know that the company is set to publish a brand new comic series titled Mass Effect: Foundation, written by Mac Walters who penned Mass Effect 2 and worked as story lead on ME3. He also has experience writing for comics, as he developed the stories for game’s mini-series comics.

With the Mass Effect trilogy being about personal experiences and choices, the comic will not be centered around Commander Shepard and his/her crew. Instead, Foundation will follow the story of a brand-new heroine. No story details have been revealed, but Walters expressed that the plot will tie-in to the events of the trilogy, telling the story from another point of view. After all, there is an entire universe of people who experienced the events of the games in their own way, and Foundation is set to explore that concept.

Mass Effect: Foundation will be released as a 12-issue series with releases monthly. No word has been given as to the first issue’s release date.