As far as names go, this week’s Being Human has been graced with an apt title. “Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland” focuses on the three original cast members and how they deal with the most unfortunate and OMG circumstances they’ve been presented with since the show’s inception.

It’s a lighthearted beginning as Aidan and Josh chat for what appears to be the first time in a while since Erin’s death. Aidan’s been pulling doubles at the hospital in an attempt to stay out of Hurricane Nora’s way. Like he’s been for some time, Josh is trying to play the peacekeeper role and promises to talk to Nora about things. Said talk doesn’t get off to a bang up start when the two dead girls, killed by Aidan when he was nursing the flayed Henry back to health, appear. Though Josh can’t see them, Nora can, and she’s none too happy when she gets the lowdown on their ghostly condition. Josh does his best to temper her reaction but it’s a reminder of how death follows them and she can’t help but think of Erin.

Liam knows Nora is hiding something…he just doesn’t know what

Nora’s given another reminder when Liam calls to speak with her. He offers her wolf’s bane, a symbol his family offers to those of the pack who have died. His motives are as pure as the yellow driven snow, as he tries to drive wedges of doubt further into her mind. She nearly slips, using “were” to describe Connor and Bryn’s status though backtracks enough to throw Liam off her scent. It doesn’t get easier when she and Aidan run into one another at the hospital. Her anger is understandable but hypocritical as well. She also finds out that Aidan knows about what happened to Bryn; it gives her pause but the best she can offer him is to stay out of her way though they’ll be cordial to one another for Josh’s sake.

After his shift, Aidan stops by the University to meet Kat with the Pretty Eyes. She’s a bit surprised to see him as well as his insistence that they cancel their date due to the whole Nora/Kat being friends thing. The chemistry and banter between the two is undeniable and Kat’s able to throw Aidan off his game unlike any woman we’ve seen him interacting with. As they mosey on down the halls, Mr. Liam and two of his henchmen stop the two potential lovers (and that’s potential with a capital ‘P’). Aidan assures Kat that things are fine despite her having that feeling something a bit more serious is going on. As it stands, Aidan goes with Liam and Mr. Pureblood gets medieval on our favorite vampire, even wrapping barbed wire around his neck, the same manner Aidan killed Bishop, his creator.

While Aidan’s getting Hostel’d, Sally goes to Nick for advice on her present decomposition. He’s not all there and when he dismisses her, we see that he’s been hiding the same rotting decomposition. On a brighter note, Josh and Nora are out visiting a house they can’t quite afford though it provides Josh with the moment he’s been waiting for to pop the question. Nora says yes before nearly jumping his bones in the house. Well, that’s before locking the realtor out and making their way upstairs for some “we’re engaged” couple-y fun.

After talking to Max and getting a bit more info on some of his embalming supplies, Sally’s caught pilfering said supplies and ends up having to come clean with him. Obviously he’s more than a bit freaked at her status of being a non-flesh eating, intelligent zombie (to paraphrase). Unable to deal, he storms out on Sally, leaving her a bit alone and vulnerable. Cut back to Nick and the whole non-flesh eating thing can be thrown out the window when he tears into a cute and helpless kitty.

Worried about Aidan, Kat calls Josh and tells him about what happened to Aidan. When Josh realizes his friend’s been taken by Liam, he finds out the pureblood’s location from Nora and readies to go Charles Bronson except, you know, without the killing. Taking out all the stops on Aidan, Liam gives up learning about what happened to Bryn from the vampire and readies a syringe filled with tainted blood for Aidan. Knowing he’s dead, Aidan admits to killing Bryn. Josh unloads on Liam but is unable to stop him from injecting Aidan with the poisoned blood. Josh gets Aidan loose as Liam completes his transformation—it’s a full moon, after all—even stabbing him as he comes up the steps at them. Slight problem occurs when Josh is swiped by Liam’s claws and we all know what that means.

Back at the house, Max comes by to apologize to Sally. Despite her less than normal condition, he still has fallen for her

Death is coming for Aidan

and will do what it takes to help her through this, including putting his skills making over the dead in her employ. Of course, things get turned on their head when Josh and Aidan—after having a bit of a heart to heart out in the car—come barreling through the door. Max leaves in a huff when Sally won’t tell him what’s going on. She checks on her roomies, giving Aidan some needed blood while Josh announces his return to werewolf status to the group. Seconds later, he and Sally recognize the first stirrings of the rotting vampire disease showing itself on Aidan’s body. Bodies in disrepair, the three of them sit at the table before the night disperses them, and all separately contemplate their futures. A future for Sally that may include the need to ingest raw meat, most likely of the living variety.

In life, things often fall apart when we least expect it. Bills, jobs, friends, family, lovers all change at one point or another, forcing us to adapt. That’s not even taking into account accidents, diseases, and other maladies that affect our bodies and mind. For three seasons Aidan, Josh and Sally have been hammered with the responsibilities of everyday life compounded by the supernatural. But never has the adversity been as strong as it is now. Aidan’s infected with what appears to be an incurable disease while Josh, ready to begin a new chapter in his life with Nora, is taken back to the beginning, where his world was irrevocably changed the first time around. For her part, Sally may have found a possible solution to her problem but at what cost? Cost may be the most apropos word as it is what we need to weigh when making decisions or taking action. Sometimes that cost may be too much but other times…other times it’s the price we have to pay.