Mark your calendars Warehouse Agents! Syfy has finally given a return date for their highest performing series on their network, ‘Warehouse 13.’

‘Warehouse 13’ will be airing the second half of Season 4 beginning Monday, April 29th at 10PM!

The series will pick up where the mid-season finale, ‘We All Fall Down,’ left off with Claudia “saving” Artie but not before the Black Orchid Artifact is released into the world spreading the deadly English Sweating Sickness throughout the world. The Warehouse team races to stop the pandemic before they, too, succumb to the sickness.

Syfy had increased the show’s episode order from 13 to 20, so this second half of the series is almost like another whole season! This half of ‘Warehouse 13’ will be, like usual, filled with genre guest stars including the return of Kate Mulgrew and Jaime Murray as Warehouse Regent/Pete’s mom Jane Lattimer and H.G. Wells respectively. A new addition will be Polly Walker (‘Caprica,’ ‘John Carter, ‘Clash of the Titans’) who will be in a few episodes playing a historian who seems to know a lot more about the Warehouse than she lets on.

While the news is exciting for fans, the first thing noticeable is that Syfy decided to put the show in a new time slot – an hour later than its usual 9pm slot. Whether that is a good idea is debatable but currently that slot is occupied by ‘Lost Girl’ which seems to be doing steady, ratings wise, in that time slot. Of course having a lead in like ‘Being Human’ helps a lot also!

‘Warehouse 13,’ however, will be following the new multi-platform series ‘Defiance’ which will hopefully draw in more viewers. The drawback to this scenario is that if ‘Defiance’ takes a dive then there’s a possibility that it will take ‘Warehouse 13’ down with it. The series will also be airing against NBC’s ‘Revolution,’ so whether this will split genre viewers when previously there was no competition from other genre shows is something Syfy will be watching.

Are you happy with the return of ‘Warehouse 13’ and how do you feel about the new time slot?

‘Warehouse 13’ stars Joanne Kelly, Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek, Allison Scagliotti, and Aaron Ashmore, and will air Mondays  beginning April 29th at 10/9c on Syfy.