Bryan Singer is currently doing interviews to promote his upcoming film ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’, but no matter where he is, talk always seems to turn to ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’.  Fortunately, Singer is happy to talk about his return to the X-Men universe and in a recent interview with IGN, gave some insight as to what fans can expect from the next installment of the ‘X-Men’ franchise.

Singer has noticed the speculation surrounding Peter Dinklage’s character since the announcement of his addition to the cast. Guesses ranged from Dinklage playing the Alpha Flight hero Puck (which has since been busted as it has been revealed he would be playing a villain) to being an all CG character.

When asked about Dinklage’s role, Singer clarified:

“He’s [Dinklage] not going to be a CGI character. He’ll be himself. Not that he’ll be playing Peter Dinklage, he’ll be playing this character. It’s not a shy character. He’s just such a phenomenal actor; I’m a huge fan of Peter’s and Game of Thrones. He was my first choice and I was really happy [about the casting]. It’s so funny to talk to him because he does that impeccable accent [on ‘Game of Thrones’] and then you talk to him and he’s this guy from New Jersey.”

This seems to solidify the conjecture that Dinklage will be playing Boliver Trask, the man who invented the Sentinels, mutant hunting robots that will play a large part in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’.

With the announcements that many of the actors who starred in the first ‘X-Men’ trilogy are returning, many fans are wondering if there is any possibility of seeing a return of Scott Summers/Cyclops and Jean Grey? If you recall, the two didn’t survive the massive battle scene in ‘X-Men: Last Stand:

“Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t? [Laughing] That’s all I can say. The good news is that we’re all on the same page!”

Bringing Cyclops and Jean Grey back will mean that Singer will have to change a few events that occurred in the last film – events that many fans have always said contradicted to the continuity of the movie franchise. Singer is fully aware of these problems and plans to somehow “revisit” certain events and change a few things that he feels the fans will be happy with:

“You mean, what you’re politely saying is, “fix s**t.” Is that what you’re saying? That’s what I’m hearing. [Laughing] There’s going to be a little of that, a few things I can repair.”

Singer has said that while he won’t be ignoring any of the previous films, the possibility of an alternate universe can create all kinds of interesting possibilities. This would certainly explain the inconsistencies already seen in the franchise, right?

Ultimately, Singer would like to see the ‘X-Men’ franchise branch off like ‘The Avengers’ where certain characters eventually have their own film:

“I think that if you really examine the X-Men universe it’s every bit as big as the Marvel universe. There are lesser characters, but if you take certain characters there are a myriad of films you could make, and stories you could tell, with these characters as individuals. Wolverine being one of them, and that’s currently being done. But you could really mine this universe. I’m glad to return to it and I’d like to get more involved in it because it hasn’t really been orchestrated – somewhat with the Wolverine pictures – but I think there is a lot more that one can do.

It’s just something we’re thinking about. Really my big focus was this movie. Because it’s really massive, and we’re going to start shooting soon. But we’re talking, [producer] Lauren Shuler Donner and I, and we’ll see.”

That’s exciting news as it would be wonderful to see a stand-alone film featuring Cyclops or Nightcrawler or even an origin story for Jean Grey!

You can read the full interview as well as how Singer felt about handing over the reins of ‘X-Men: Last Stand’ to Brett Ratner over at the IGN site.

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ will be released in theaters on July 18th, 2014.