In last Sunday’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, we saw that The Governor is ready to come for Rick and the gang in the prison, so they need to fortify and defend their turf. However, Rick is a bit off his rocker at the moment and the next in command, Glenn, is a bit reckless (despite being incredibly badass). Even with the return of the Dixon brothers, they’re still outmanned and outgunned. So what’s the group’s next move?

If you’re dying to know the answer, I can’t really give you much other than a few new clips and the promo for the upcoming episode titled ‘I Ain’t A Judas’. On the first clip, Merle shares with Hershel what The Governor probably has planned for the group in the prison. In the second clip, Carl and Rick have a serious talk that could affect the group as a whole when a decision is made. You can check out these clips below, followed by the promo:

In general, ‘The Walking Dead’ has definitely kicked it up a notch after returning from their mid-season finale. This whole season has been action-packed and quick-paced, which is definitely a nice change of pace after spending so much time on Hershel’s farm last season. I only wish that Tyreese and his group were allowed to stick around, especially since this oncoming storm against The Governor is growing nearer every hour. Bad call on that one, sheriff!

What do you think about the second half of this season of ‘The Walking Dead’ so far? Did you enjoy last night’s episode, ‘Home’? What do you think is on the horizon for the new episode, ‘I Ain’t A Judas’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: CBM