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When ‘The Walking Dead‘ returns for its sixth season the cast will be joined by Tom Payne (‘Luck’,’The Physician’) who will be portraying Paul “Jesus” Monroe. Fans of the comic will be very familiar with this name as he has become a major player in Rick Grimes’ world as both a friend and adviser from the Hilltop Colony. Not only that, but it further strengthens the impending arrival of Negan whose first appearance not only put The Governor to shame but had life altering consequences to a major character in Kirkman’s comic.

At this time Payne is set to be a recurring cast member in Season 6 with an option to return for the 7th season. With this only being a recurring role, I suspect that we won’t see him until half way through the season if not being introduced in the last few episodes. With the changes that he will help usher in, I suspect that he’ll be more heavily involved in the cliffhanger than anything else.

In the comics, Jesus has quickly come to be known as one of the most reliable and fun characters to follow in the comics and has many of the traits that Daryl Dixon currently has. It should be interesting to see if this will have the two become friends or be at odds with one another. Most importantly though is that he can see what Grimes is trying to build and believes that unlike everyone else whom he has met that Rick can make it happen.

With The Wolves set to appear in this upcoming season it is unclear if that will pave the way to their group actually being Negan’s “The Saviors” or if a mention by them will lead the Hilltop Colony being introduced.

Are you looking forward to seeing how Payne handles the role of Jesus when working with Rick and Daryl? Is this the final confirmation that we may finally have Negan introduced on the show? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Walking Dead’ returns to AMC on Sunday October 11th, 2015.

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