Resistance was futile as London became the area of an alien invasion early Sunday morning on February 17th. In what seemed to be in preparation for the impending visitation, reports of UFO’s invading the city began coming in on the official ‘Doctor Who’ twitter account. No, it wasn’t another wave of aliens from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius. Instead it was the cast and crew of ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ recreating an iconic scene from ‘Doctor Who’s’ early years – the time where the Daleks glided through London from the episode ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’.

Filming took place over Westminster Bridge with the metallic monsters in the foreground against famous iconic architectural structures including Westminster Palace. This is the first time that this popular sequence has been attempted to be fully recreated using the Dalek design that were unique to the episode. From the image below, the Daleks look stunning!

You won’t have to wait until later in the year when ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ airs to see what this scene could look like as the official ‘Doctor Who’ site uploaded a short video from the day’s production with executive Mark Gratiss giving viewers a tour.

You can wath the video after the images below!


Source: BBC & Mark Gatiss