Two of the least likely heroes come together this issue to form an unusual team– Brunhilda the Valkyrie, Asgardian swordsmaiden and curator of the dead, and Misty Knight, streetwise private investigator with a Stark Tech cybernetic arm.  A third character finds herself caught up in their exploits, archaeologist Annabelle Riggs, who deploys Misty to bust an artifact smuggling ring.  Misty doesn’t quite succeed, but does return with one relic which manages to raise an army of dead vikings!  Luckily, Valkyrie happens by and together the ladies dispatch the army, but at a cost.

I’ve been looking forward to this issue and for the most part it delivered.  It was fun and light-hearted with the potential for some great darkness as well, as Brunhilde learns that a great evil is rising.  The story was nicely paced, opening with a quiet internal scene, followed by Misty taking on the heavily-armed smugglers, then some exposition between Misty and Annabelle, and wrapping up with the big viking battle.  The dialogue is pretty fun.  It’s a fun issue, a lot lighter in tone than many of the recent Marvel books I’ve read.

I’d say that overall, the art is nice.  It’s not my favorite work ever.  It can be rough around the edges in a couple of areas, for instance the faces, which while mostly consistent, are a bit cartoony.  The anatomy is realistic, but gives in to cheesecake a couple times too many, ie butts thrusted at the reader.  But if that helps sell the book, it’s not the most gratuitous or unrealistic I’ve ever seen.  And in terms of story-telling and movement, it was alright, but a bit choppy at times, most noticeably Misty’s opening fight scene, which felt a bit too chaotic.  (Then again, I say that about most fight scenes in movies, so maybe it’s me.)

This was an entertaining book.  The story itself is well-paced, with above average dialogue and the art is good, but there is room for improvement.  But in all, it’s enough to make me want to check back.


Written by Cullen Bunn
art by Will Sliney
Cover by Mark Brooks