Ever since Joss Whedon was handed the reins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Whedonites have been anxiously waiting to see if any of his regulars would be popping up as Marvel superheroes. One of the most popular fan-castings involves the captain, Nathan Fillion, playing Hank Pym, the star of Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man’. However, there has also been a want for Serenity’s pilot, Alan Tudyk, to take the role as well. In a recent interview, the ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ and ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ star addressed the rumors of him stepping into the shoes of the scientist supreme.

During an interview with Hypable about ‘Firefly’, Tudyk touched on the possibility of playing Hank Pym (or Scott Lang, since apparently they’re both in the movie according to some rumors):

“I’ve heard about that [the rumor of me playing Ant-Man], but no. [It’s a shame] I know, I’m a fan of ants. But no.”

But what about the possibility of reuniting with Whedon on another Marvel project, like the little pilot that the director is shooting right now that’s likely going to get a series order? The actor talks about that as well:

“I just saw Joss the other day. I just went and checked out the… what is that show they’re doing? ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Not SWAT. Shows how much I know about it (laughs). I just happened to be on the lot where they were shooting…And I went by and Joss was there, it was very cool.”

It’s possible that the two may have thrown around some ideas for a role when the show gets picked up, or potentially in an upcoming film, but that’s all speculation at this point. Also, don’t count him out of ‘Ant-Man’ just yet. There is still a small chance that he could be in the running since Wright hasn’t exactly switched into full on pre-production yet and started casting.

Finally, among all the reminiscing talk of the beloved space western series that was taken from us too soon, Tudyk seemed very hopeful for a new ‘Firefly’ series, especially with the popularity of the show on Netflix and the service’s foray into original programming with ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Arrested Development’.  Though he probably wouldn’t be a part of a new season because of what happened in ‘Serenity’, he’s still enthusiastic about a return to that universe:

“I really think there’s a chance that it [a Firefly resurrection] could happen. I think that as we go forward, as it gets cheaper to shoot in digital … yeah, I hope so. We all want it.”

Actually, if Joss Whedon made it a mini-series set in between ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity’, then Wash could be able to come back… If you ever want to talk about this, Mr. Whedon, I’m available for consultation.

Do you think there’s still a possibility that Alan Tudyk could be in ‘Ant-Man’? Do you think he’d make a good Avenger? If yes, then should he be Hank Pym or Scott Lang? Share your thoughts in the comments below!