For those of you who were more than confused with the overall plot of  ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ we have a treat for you! Below is a clip complied of everything you might have seen this past season in all of its nonsensical glory, in 60 seconds:

Adam Quigley created this clip and featured it in his segment, ‘Antisocial Commentary’. Not only does it depict the entire season in one hilarious swoop it is also VERY accurate. This video is a perfect compilation of 60 seconds of footage (although the clip goes on for a solid 5 min. rant), helps to point out the most shocking realization  that all of these off-the-wall-outlandish-insane-gory-weird-shocking-and-not-so-scary moments were somehow intended to make sense as a whole once the season was finished.

Quigley also mentions that his frustrations with ‘AHS’ are similar to the deep seeded hatred he has for the ending of ‘Lost’, as it did nothing in the way of making all of these stand alone ideas somehow come together in one giant ‘ah-ha!’ moment at the bitter end of the series.  It seems clear that ‘AHS: Asylum’ was not in the business of creating one great story line like it did in the first season (simple yet effective, haunted house scenario), but got greedy and tried to cram as many buckets of blood, ideas and sub-plots in one season as it possibly could. The result was puzzled viewers sitting in their darkened living rooms at the end of every episode thinking, ‘WTF just happened?’.

Hopefully next year the creators can get it together and realize that horror is not just about shocking the audience with tons of dismembered body parts and weird visual imagery, but to create some sort of semblance of a story line that the audience can actually follow. They took a good idea and let it spin out of control; sure, have weird forest creatures and the angel of death  in the mix, but make sure their presence is relevant to the story! I mean, even ‘Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan’  and ‘One Missed Call’ had plots that made more sense than this past season did.

You name it, ‘AHS: Asylum’ had it. For those who want an exact rundown, here are all points  featured in the clip/season:

Surprise limb removal
Surprise trap door
Surprise misogynist suicide
Nun sex fantasies
Electroshock therapy
Murder dungeon
Violent masturbation
Sad masturbation
Adult breastfeeding
Semen in the face
Serial killer with the dumbest name ever
Copycat serial killers
Copycat serial killer killing copycat serial killers
Demonic Possession
Sexy devil nun priest rape
Metaphorical incest rape
Zombies (or whatever)
More surprise limb removal
More adult breast-feeding
Evil murderous nun
Evil murderous child
Evil murderous Santa Claus
Anne Frank
Anne Frank being lobotomized
Botched coat hanger abortion
Angel of death
Musical number
Nazi suicide (by oven)
Priest being crucified
Touching family reunion

For those of you that agree this season left viewers feeling less than satisfied, leave your statements of disappointment in the  comments section below. If the clip left off any general WTF?! moments or plots that you were particularly confused about, add them below as well!