About seven months ago, a teaser trailer for a film called ‘The Prototype’ was released online. This trailer was meant to act as a proof of concept piece from Andrew Will and the Bandito Brothers, who are best known for the real Navy SEAL movie ‘Act of Valor’, so that they could get their first foray into science fiction off the ground and distributed. Well, it seems that this rather impressive teaser has made one giant step closer to becoming a feature length film.

According to Deadline, the teaser trailer has evolved into a full movie package that’s looking to get shopped around to distributors in Berlin next week. Will and Shawn Wallace of Variant Films, Sean Cushing of Cantina Creative, and Max Leitman of Bandito Brothers joined the project in producing capacities and FilmNation will be financing. All this seems to be a product of the viral status that the video achieved when it was first posted. Since June, the trailer spread to YouTube and racked up 10.5 million views. It also became the 7th most-viewed trailer on Deadline. All this from a trailer for a film that didn’t exist… Until now.

Starring Neal McDonough, Joseph Mawle, and Anna Anissimova, the movie is about “a humanoid robot (or a roboticized human) from a government program that goes rogue.  As is the case when your superhuman test subjects break free, anything goes in the attempt to bring them down, regardless of how much money you pumped into their creation.“

The filmmakers are looking to recreate the success of ‘Act of Valor’, which grossed over $80 million after being made for only $12 million. If the film’s trajectory of success continues, the crew will have a distributor and a release date by the end of the month.

In the mean time, check out the teaser trailer again below, then share your thoughts on it in the comments below: