The minute that the rumor hit that J.J. Abrams would be directing the first new ‘Star Wars’ movie of the Disney era, the internet exploded with reactions. Then, once it was made official, it exploded again. Everyone put their two cents in on Twitter, Facebook, Tout, Tumblr, or whatever social media you may happen to utilize. Bloggers (like me) took to their respective sites to share their opinions on the ‘Episode VII’ news. But what about people from the other sci-fi “star” franchise? Paramount revealed that Abrams would still take part in the ‘Star Trek’ series at the very least as a producer, but not much has come out of that camp since the news broke last week. Now, the captain shares his thoughts on the matter.

Chris Pine, the actor who will reprise his role as Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the upcoming film ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, recently spoke to USA Today to share his thoughts on his director signing on to helm a rival franchise. From his comments, he doesn’t seem to hold too much animosity at the moment, though if this affects Abrams directing ‘Star Trek 3’, then Pine has a problem. Here’s what he had to say:

“The only way I’ll be disappointed is if he doesn’t direct our third movie. I think if that turns out to be the case we’ll have to kidnap him and hold him hostage until he agrees to do a third.”

In all seriousness, Pine is very happy for Abrams, who has always admitted to being a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan. In fact, the actor says that this will be beneficial for the whole science fiction genre:

“From my standpoint, J.J. is a science-fiction genius. To have him over in the Star Wars camp is going to be a great thing. I’m sure it’s going to be a great film.”

Despite all the supportive words, don’t expect a Captain Kirk cameo in the new ‘Star Wars’ movie. Though we’d like to think that things are civil between fans of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’, things could get ugly if J.J. Abrams pulls that.

Are you glad to see Captain Kirk supporting J.J. Abrams’ endeavors in a galaxy far, far away? Share your thoughts in the comments below!