Way before Zack Snyder was attached to direct Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ and before Bryan Singer delivered the mediocre ‘Superman Returns’ starring Brandon Routh, Tim Burton was supposed to take a crack at being the first director to tackle the DC character’s first big screen appearance without Christopher Reeves in 1998. But the film known as ‘Superman Lives’, which was set to star Nicholas Cage and written by Kevin Smith, never came to fruition and was forever sent into obscurity. But it appears that some people still remember what could have been and want to learn more about the failed film that never was.

According to /Film, ‘Metalocalypse’ and ‘Venture Bros.’ director Jon Schnepp wants to make a documentary called ‘The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?’ where he plans to interview those involved with the film and inquire about why it never got off the ground. He’s started a Kickstarter page to raise money for the film and has quite a huge vision for the doc. While he may not get what he wants out of all this, he’s certainly enthusiastic about making his movie. Check out his Kickstarter pitch in the video below:

First of all, this film probably didn’t amount to anything because of Nicolas Cage. I mean, his current luck with super hero movies isn’t the greatest (Although I would’ve rather seen him crash and burn as Superman than as Ghost Rider). But on top of that, Burton’s vision for this Superman film was so out there, as you saw from the video. I know you might have been fooled by the relatively classic look sported by Cage in the photos above, but I assure you that things were super weird for Superman. Basically, we can all rest easy knowing that this film is never, ever getting made, but it could be fun to find out how it met it’s demise.

And if you don’t believe me about just how weird this film would have been, check out this gallery of costume tests and concept art from /Film from a few years back that shows you a glowing holographic suit that could have been used in the film as well as the film’s villain, Brainiac:

Are you interested in seeing ‘The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?’ from Jon Schnepp? Is this a Kickstarter project that you’d contribute to? Share your thoughts in the comments below!