New ghosts, werewolves, a familiar vampire whose mottled flesh resembles the rotted decay of a bubonic plague victim and a witchy witch up to no good is on tap in this week’s ‘Being Human’.

When Josh came across the bloody carnage left behind in the storage unit last week, we were all left to wonder on Nora’s fate. Well, we aren’t left hanging as the first scene is her and Liam sitting amicably on a bench. She’s still in awe—terrified, but awe no less—of Liam’s power as a werewolf and her almost fate. He tells Nora that she’s like kin to him and killing her, something they both know he could’ve done with ease, is something he wouldn’t do because “there’s no worse sin than the turning on one of your own.” It’s not long after that Nora gets back home to a worried Josh and Sally (who were calling all over the city looking for her). She stuffs the pleasantries and lets the gang know “The twins have a Dad, and he wants answers.”

Aidan and Henry still searching for blood options

Cue the three week time jump and we see Aidan playing chess out in the park with an older gentleman. He offers to buy the man a meal but his purpose is a bit more nefarious; Henry’s waiting in the alley and the two are ready to snack on the man but when he sneezes, they send him on his way. It’s been awhile since the two have eaten and whereas Henry’s on the verge of losing it, Aidan’s time underground has really fortified him to the hunger. His words to Henry are a reminder of how strong they are, how they will be able to get through this (it’s a sentiment reflected in each and every scene the two have in the episode) though Henry’s doubts are etched across his ashen face.

Back at home, Sally’s a bit stressed at her Medusa-esque effects on those from her past, afraid others will end up like Trent. Josh tries talking her down from the ledge, though in part to bring some normalcy to his own life, especially if he wants to propose to Nora. He really can’t get her to settle down or go easy on the empty calories so she storms off just as Aidan comes in. The vampire asks his friend about possibly screening patients at the hospital for prospects that haven’t been infected by the vampire killing flu. Josh is mortified on what Aidan wants him to do, distinctly remembering the fate of the two party girls. While I understand Josh’s fear at providing his friend with a takeout meal, he doesn’t realize what the vampire is going through, barely able to eat these last few weeks. He tells Nora about the conversation with Aidan and she’s adamant about him not helping, wanting Josh to stay clear of the nefarious influences of the monster world.

Sally at Trent’s funeral trying to help him move on

As the four roomies separate, as always, they find their own troubles. Sally searches for Trent, or his ghost, and finds him in the funeral home wondering what the hell happened to him. Well, he’s none too happy when she reveals her part in his untimely demise. She wonders why he hasn’t moved on and he admits he has a bit of unfinished business; namely, his unfaithfulness to his fiancée, Candice. Feeling guilty about causing his death, Sally agrees to help him out on squaring things with Candice. Getting a bit of help from Max, the funeral guy, she meets up with Candice in a side room and tries to convey the message that Trent loved her. When Candice refuses to truly listen, Sally tells her about Trent’s unfaithfulness. The admission lifts a weight off her shoulders as she had been cheating on him for more than a year. Though Candice leaves better off, Trent is quite taken aback by his former fiancee’s admission. When his door doesn’t show, he kicks Sally to the curb telling her he doesn’t want to see her again. A bit down on herself, Sally’s picked up by Max who admires how she returned the light to Candice. As they walk out together, Sally offers him a shy smile and it truly looks as if Max will be the first true connection for Sally in her new life.Being

Aidan’s entire time is spent talking up Henry, giving his ‘son’ the strength to go on despite the ravenous hunger. After their meeting in the alley, Aidan stops Henry from taking a bite out of Henry’s former live-in blood bank, Emma. He tries to make Henry see what he sees in his child; an untapped potential and strength. He’s promised Henry to find clean blood and when the latter goes to the hospital, he confronts Josh. Though Henry’s words are harsh, some of what he says to the former werewolf hit home. It does seem as if Josh is abandoning his friend, though Aidan would never even hint at such. Beecause of this, Josh gives Aidan the name of a flu-free patient but it ends up being a bit too late. On his trip to the hospital, Henry snacked on some blood hanging out and he’s now marked for death with the vampire killing virus caterwauling around inside him. Henry’s all but given up, pointing out his own weakness but Aidan’s role in it as well. Though Aidan wants to stand by him, Henry wants none of it, hammering it home when he tells Aidan “Everyone who loves you dies.” But Aidan still follows Henry out, sitting by his child. Henry admits to failing Aidan, only ever wanting to live up to his creator’s expectations. Though Aidan denies it, Henry accepts his failure just as he accepts what he is; a vampire. Before walking away, he tells Aidan “We’re monsters to them…that’s all we’ll ever be.”

Josh and Nora have their own interesting time when Josh comes across a belligerent teen in Erin. She comes in about some serious scratches she received during the last full moon—you know where I’m going with this one. Josh fills Nora in and while they need to tell her, Nora wants to leave Erin with one more night of normal before shattering the girl’s life. When DCF comes in, ready to take Erin back, we get the sense of how bad the girl’s had it and it touches something within Nora. She wants to take Erin in, at least temporarily, and while Josh is completely against it, Nora guilts him into though her point is logical. “If we don’t help her,” she asks him “then what else is there?”

So, how do you tell someone they’re about to go furry in a few hours? Well, visual aids generally offer a solid burden of proof. In this case, one of Josh’s saved recordings of one of his changes helps get the message across to Erin what’s in store for her. Both he and Nora try to convey what’s happening though they have decidedly different opinions on the end result (Josh’s disgust post transformation versus Nora’s joy).

Josh and Nora talk about Erin

He drops the two women off in the woods and Nora is shocked to see a gun tucked in his waistband. Though he wants to help Erin, he also understands that though Nora may think Erin is like her, she also may be like Bryn. She acquiesces to his point and walks down to the clearing, going over some of the finer points of the change when the terrified teen changes before her. Josh hears Nora’s startled cry and moves to get out of the car but Erin’s upon him, clawing to get in. He takes aim at the newly turned wolf but Nora crashes into Erin and they tumble back down the hill. He follows them, ready to put Erin down when he watches the two accept one another and is marveled at the scene.

Finally accepting what he learned about Candice, Trent’s door finally pops open but instead of leading him to the afterlife, it leads him to Donna in her soup kitchen. Before he knows what’s going on, she takes a meat clever to him and all that’s left of him are ghost shavings. Donna inhales them as if they represent life itself, something that may not be far from the truth as aged lines disappear and she looks revitalized.

Every time it seems as if I have a bead on what’s going on, we get another curve ball. Aidan is on the verge of losing his son, Sally’s made a possible love (definite life) connection with Max, Josh and Nora taking in the poor lost soul in Erin and Donna’s extra-otherly machinations lead me to believe quite a bit is in store for us as the season moves on. And that’s not even taking into account of the continued effects of the vampire bug nor the repercussions that will hammer our curious quartet when Liam finds out just who’s responsible for his son’s death. Two things that are certain is that 1) The eppie title is correct, teens these days are-a changing and 2) The times, especially for Aidan, Josh, Sally, and Nora will be changing in the near future. Some will be of the good but others? My instincts tell me it’s going to get a whole helluva lot worse before it gets better.