Things don’t go well after Diana and Lennox get into a disagreement with another of Zeus’ illegitimate sons, Milan, a homeless person in New York and Orion of the New Gods.  Milan lashes out and may prove too powerful for all three of the others.

Meanwhile, in Antarctica, we see another demi-god who I believe is Heracles (more often known by his Roman name Hercules), battling against ice giants.

In New York Zola and Hero go out for drinks, but Hera is overwhelmed by the vast drink menu.  The pair are also visited by Ares and Dionysus.  Ares seems up to no-good, but Dionysus seems to be trying to warn Zola.

The art by Bernard Chiang is always very good and that remains the case here.  It almost feels like he is tweaking his style a bit on each character, to really emphasize what makes them unique.  Zola is boyish and simple.  Hera is beautiful in an almost perfect way.  Ares is grizzled and rough.  Very cool!

The story was mostly set-up however and I’m getting a bit tired of that.  Just get the damn baby back, already!  There are some nice character bits, but it’s all very subtle, which is kind of the norm for this book.

So while it looks good, it’s not the more essential read.  I’m not even sure if you hadn’t been reading this series up until now, that this single issue would even make sense.


Written by Brian Azzarello
Art and Cover by Cliff Chiang