Recently, Marvel released another new Marvel NOW! teaser featuring the word BIRTH in a familiar purple for a series by Jason Aaron (‘Thor: God Of Thunder’) and Simone Bianchi (‘Wolverine’). After much speculation, Marvel revealed this week via a new Marvel NOW! Q&A that this new title would explore the origins of one of the most dangerous beings in the entire Marvel Universe.

Beginning in April, Aaron and Bianchi will be working on the new limited series titled ‘Thanos Rising’, which will explore the origins of the Mad Titan known as Thanos (or that purple guy at the end of ‘The Avengers’). Marvel says that this series, which was scheduled for last year at one point, “delves into the origins of the universe’s most heinous villain, the death-loving Thanos. It affords readers a rare glimpse into the ultimate nihilist’s early days on his far-off home planet Titan and the major events that lead to his life of cosmic infamy”.

Writer Aaron described what drew him to the project in the series announcement by saying:

“[It’s the] chance to do as dark and creepy a story as I’ve ever done for Marvel. This is not a super hero story. There are no good guys swooping in to save the day here. This is the origin story of a very bad dude. A cosmic mass murderer.”

He went on to describe what essential elements the team would be including in the story:

“Jim Starlin [the creator of Thanos] of course had already laid down a lot of the pieces of Thanos’ origin, but they were spread out in several different stories written over the course of several years. ‘Thanos Rising’ combines all those pieces and also fills in a lot of the cracks. I think it’s true to Starlin’s original ideas for the character, while also expanding on some aspects of the origin, and playing around a bit with the dark romance part of the character’s history.”

Check out the cover of issue one below:

This series could not come at a better time. Ever since fans who were unfamiliar with the intergalactic side of Marvel Comics walked out of the theater after Joss Whedon’s epic superhero team up film, they’ve probably been wondering who Thanos was and what his significance is. (Unless, of course, they checked out the Avengers Spotlight profile we provided to explain just that.) Now that the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet has been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could be involved in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘The Avengers 2’, the House of Ideas is smart to have their printed material reflect and highlight some of the things coming to a theater near you.

Are you excited to find out more about this villain and where he came from in ‘Thanos Rising’? Is this a book that you’re looking to add to your pull list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!