After the meeting Vice President Joe Biden held earlier this week, President Barack Obama is now asking Congress for funds to study violent video games.

Shortly after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings, the long-debated topic of violence in video games sparked up again, perhaps more so than ever. Many politicians have campaigned to ban violent video games, but Vice President Biden was the first to arrange a  proper discussion about the subject. Today, President Obama has outlined some potential plans to help prevent serious violent crimes from occurring, including allocating a total of $10 Million to research and study violent media, most notably video games, and the effects, if any, on viewers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be in charge of the studies.

While $10 Million may seem like a lot of money for the study, it is actually quite a small amount compared the the $10 Billion that the American government spends on a daily basis. It is also much lower than the amount Obama is looking to put toward better gun restrictions and mental health services. Stephen Dinan of the Washington Time pointed out that “… overall, the White House said that while limiting guns is the role of the government, controlling what Americans see in movies and games is best left to parents.”

There is no guarantee that these plans will take place, however, as Congress is still wrapped up in finding a solution to the country’s debt problems. However, it is nice to see the government taking a more reasonable approach to the issue rather than simply condemning video games, and such a study could greatly benefit the gaming community and finally put the debate to rest.

What’s your opinion, ScienceFiction readers? Should Congress vote to study violent media?