Invincible is just one issue shy of hitting the triple digit mark. And with how much hype Image has been pouring into #100 they’d better have put a lot of work into the comic leading up to it! Did they?

For anyone just entering the series the first thing you need to know is that our hero Invincible is aptly named as he nearly is invincible by human standards. He is an alien born on Earth and is one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Think Superman but a hell of a lot more violent. He had recently lost his powers and after months of the world’s super heroes picking up his slack, he’s back in the saddle. Just in time too as world ending catastrophes are occurring across the globe caused by ‘Dinosaurus’.

Quite some time back, Invincible stopped Dinosaurus from causing massive destruction to the world. Shortly after that happened, events occurred in our young hero’s life to make him re-evaluate the actions of this villain. Even though he was causing huge amounts of damage to the planet, he was in fact doing it for the greater good. Invincible convinced himself to let the creature free as long as he would do good in the world without harming others. That worked great until this story line started.

Clearly trusting that Dinosaurus would abide by these rules was a huge mistake. The current plot line leading up to the milestone issue is entitled “The Death of Everyone.” All of the teasers leading up to it have shown the dead bodies of the main cast of the series (hero and villain alike) with no one left untouched. In the last issue he had just set off a cascade of events that are bringing the world to a cataclysmic event the likes that could previously only be seen in a Roland Emmerich movie. Picture the floods in “2012” as an example of what is happening here.

In this issue we open with Dinosaurus explaining how he played every one of the super heroes to believe they knew his plan until it was too late and trying to stop him. While the reader get the explanation the rest of the word’s heroes are trying to save as many people as they can. They are using advanced technology and their powers and barely have a fighting chance of saving tens of thousands of the civilians who are in danger. It clearly won’t be enough. Not by a long shot.

While a plan to save even more people and turn back the damage and salvage our planet it is glossed over as we return to Invincible trying to punch a hole through Dinosaurus, though not too successfully.
Ryan Ottley and John Rauch are really showing their artistic skills off here. As these two titans are battling through the city you can truly see the force of their blows as the buildings are literally falling apart around them. The detail and coloring is vivid and really gives gravity to the destruction that is being done by these two combatants.

Let’s take a moment right here to just pause and be honest with ourselves. The thought of a super hero fighting a dinosaur an epic battles will evoke fond childhood fantasies from everyone who reads this issue.

It’s been a great lead up on the storyline to issue #100. With an epic fight between two titans and a world ending scenario this issue has delivered an action packed read. The last panel is even able to tease that the worst of it is still to come. Kirkman has no problem ruining the lives of his characters so it will be interesting to see what will happen next month.

Story by: Robert Kirkman
Art By: Ryan Ottley & John Rauch
Variant Cover by: Ryan Ottley