Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

SPOILER ALERT: This obviously deals with the Season One finale of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, so if you haven’t finished watching it and want to avoid SPOILERS turn back now.

The first season of Netflix’s new series, ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, based on the Archie comics, revolved around Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) and her struggle to balance her dual nature as half-human and half-witch.  It wasn’t an easy task and Sabrina often found herself making the poorest possible choices and having to deal with the disasters that her actions caused.  But at her core, Sabrina tried to be a force for good and to use her powers to help those around her, mainly her human friends and boyfriend Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch).

But in the season finale, Sabrina faced her toughest choice yet.  With the fate of the entire town of Greendale hanging in the balance, Sabrina, guided by the conniving teacher “Mary Wardwell” (but not really, as played with delicious zeal by Michelle Gomez), Sabrina signed the Book of the Dead in blood, committing herself to life as a full-blown witch and turning her back on humanity.  (At least until next season.)

This transformation resulted in her hair turning platinum white (to better match the comic book character), kissing Harvey goodbye and not returning to Baxter High.  Instead, as the episode wrapped, Sabrina is shown strutting into the Academy of Unseen Arts, hand-in-hand with the wicked Weird Sisters.

But in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shipka offers a tease to fans that not all is as it seems, and gives a faint idea of what to expect when Season Two commences in 2019:

“We are going to see a big change.  It is so significant, but it’s not Sabrina resigning. It’s Sabrina taking on a bigger, greater challenge because she has an agenda.  It took the season for her to realize her own power, what she could do with it, how she could change things.  I think that’s the major difference from the second episode to the tenth. It’s the fact that now she’s more herself than ever, and she knows that in this moment the only thing that she can do is make this decision because she’s going to use it get her way and what she thinks is right.”

Considering that most of Sabrina’s choices in the first season backfired horrendously, here’s hoping that whatever she has up her lace-trimmed sleeve works out better in the sophomore season.  Though it hasn’t been confirmed, that batch of episodes should arrive around the same time next year.  It is already in production.

What did you think of the first season of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’?  Are you ready for more?