Over the past three days, the annual E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) event has been taking place in Los Angeles. E3 is like the SDCC of video games. All of the big companies take the opportunity to announce their upcoming games and hardware and hopefully awe the fans.

With all the announcements, there have been tons (or I guess that’s gigabytes) of trailers, gameplay clips, hardware demos and the like hitting the web. I’ve culled through a LOT of videos over the past several days and narrowed them down to the best of the best with my picks for the top 5 videos from E3. They are presented in no particular order… so, without further ado…


This one is probably my favorite clip of anything that I saw from E3. I’m a huge cyberpunk fan and I love the idea behind this game because it’s so eerily relevant. The world is now run almost entirely by a system of networked computers (called the ctOS). The ctOS runs everything from traffic lights, to our cell phones, to our televisions. The problem… it’s a computer system and it can be hacked. In this game you take the role of a hacker (who looks to also be a hitman) and his adventures in this wide open world. Warning: NSFW language.

Assassin’s Creed III:

The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ franchise isn’t new, having been around since 2007 and had 3 major sequels (and several more on handheld platforms). The game follows Desmond Miles, a descendant of a line of assassins. In each game, Desmond must relive the memories of one of his ancestors to retrieve information about a sinister plot that has links to a race of beings that existed on Earth before mankind. In the latest outing, Desmond relives the memories of Connor Kenway, a half-Mohawk / half-British assassin during the American Revolutionary War. The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ games have centered around action and stealth but each one has introduced something new to the equation. This time around… it’s epic naval battles!


The first Nintendo game (yet oddly… the third from Ubisoft) on this list is ‘ZombiU’. The new game on Nintendo’s upcoming WiiU system looks like it’ll play very similar to the Xbox 360 game ‘Left 4 Dead’ in which it’s basically a free-for-all first person shooter set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The unique difference is in the way that the WiiU controller, which has its own separate screen on the controller itself, will be used in gameplay. The controller serves as a “bug out bag” which holds all of the players supplies, weapons, and equipment. It allows the controller to be used to hack doors, fire sniper rifles, and scan the area for undead in addition to other things. I think this concept will bring a new level of immersion to the FPS genre.

Halo 4:

Speaking of first person shooters, the ‘Halo’ series has been one of the most popular franchises on the Xbox 360 system and E3 gives players a look at the latest installment. I absolutely loved the original ‘Halo’ on the first Xbox but ‘Halo 2’ left much to be desired so I totally skipped playing altogether when ‘Halo 3’ was released. But the video for ‘Halo 4’ has me intrigued enough that I may have to go back and give part 3 a chance before the next installment hits.

Beyond: Two Souls:

My last pick from E3 borders on sci-fi in that it is rumored to have supernatural elements. ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ follows a young girl named Jodie Holmes as she travels through her life. Not much detail has been given on the story yet except that players may be able to learn what’s on the other side of death before the game is over. You might notice that Jodie looks familiar. That’s because she is modeled after actress Ellen Page (and surprisingly well I might add), who also voices the character.

And that’s it! What did you think of my picks? Were there any games that I missed? Comment below and let me know!

Videos courtesy of IGNEntertainment and GameTrailers