Though it’s well known that Clint Barton has had a checkered past, he was never considered a killer. However, a tape that was leaked out to the seedy criminal underbelly looking to destroy the good name of Hawkeye proves otherwise. In ‘Operation Eucritta’, the conclusion to the two-part story ‘The Tape’ in Matt Fraction’s incredible series ‘Hawkeye’, the avenging archer and his protégé, Kate Bishop of the Young Avengers, manage to intercept the tape, but are soon found out by the villains they’ve just bound, gagged, and tricked.

If you checked out the preview of this issue, you saw just how hairy the situation got after things seemed to be going so swimmingly. At least for Kate, since Clint had ninjas to deal with.

Beyond the preview, Fraction continues his streak of interesting stories about a hero that I never thought I’d be saying, “This is the best comic on shelves right now.” If you’ve been following my reviews from the beginning, you’ll know that essentially when a new ‘Hawkeye’ book comes out, I just shout from the hilltops the gloriousness of the book and encourage everyone to go buy all of the issues available in your hometown. Well, as if there weren’t enough reasons for you to buy ‘Hawkeye’ #5, here’s one more: America.

On top of the wonderfully unique artwork from guest artist Javier Pulido, as well as another well-crafted story from Matt Fraction, you get a dose of patriotism. I won’t say why because it would give something away, but who isn’t in favor of helping the troops, right? (It was a rhetorical question, so let’s not get into politics, okay?) In this issue, we get to see a great American doing his duty.

Nationalism aside, the quality of this book has remained consistent since issue one. Aside from some serious ass-kicking action, there’s plenty of character development, clever quips, and vintage heroic comedy contained within these panels. There’s something for everybody in ‘Hawkeye’, so no one should have any excuse to not be buying it. I’m anxiously awaiting the next one, and you should be to.

Final Score:




Cover by DAVID AJA