When ‘Booster Gold’ came back to the past, he was seeking fortune and fame as hero for hire. Booster has gone from being a joke and a pariah to a time cop and true selfless hero. There was a time when he even took a punch from Doomsday, right before he beat Superman to death.

We last left Booster Gold battling Doomsday, or as he is known in the ‘Flashpoint’, Project 6. Project 6 is a military project to help battle the on going meta-human crisis, which as of ‘Booster Gold issue #46’, is no longer under the military’s control.

Quick aside… what is up with the U.S. Military in the Flashpoint? No wonder the world is a mess. They keep Superman underground away from the sun, they can’t tell the difference between an Atlantean and Booster Gold and they chose Cyborg to be America’s “Hero”. Seriously, WTF Flashpoint U.S.A. Military?

The majority of this issue has Booster increasing the power of his forcefield, while trying to keep Doomsday from killing him. Of course it is not all action in this adventure as Booster is beginning to see some of the differences in this world. His surprise at hearing Thomas Wayne is Batman was pretty cool.

I love Dan Jurgens writing Booster – it is a character that he knows inside and out. That’s why when Booster shows heroics in the face of certain death, it is always a welcome departure of the fame seeking Booster Gold from his JLI days with Guy Gardner and Ted Kord (Green Lantern and Blue Beatle if you weren’t sure).

This issue ends with Booster doing what he thinks is right and for it he is left in a compromised position. You have to check out the final page of this book… is this the end for Booster Gold? What happens to the timeline? Will he ever meet up with the Flash and Batman to help set things straight? He has to get away from Doomsday first. With only one issue left before the DCnU, ‘Booster Gold’ has a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.