Previously on Dexter, LaGuerta gets closer to figuring out Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher as she reopens the case without anyone’s knowledge. Deb confesses her love of Dexter and her disdain for Hannah McKay, whom Dexter has fallen pretty hard for. There is a new serial killer in town who has been dubbed “The Phantom Arsonist”, with only the clue of the name “Bobby” left written on the wall. What craziness will happen this week? This is a recap, so there are spoilers ahead!

Dexter arrives at another arson scene, frustrated with how things are going. He goes to Hannah’s where he reveals to her how he calls the killer in himself “The Dark Passenger” which Hannah almost mocks him for. During their discussion, a knock is heard at the door, which Hannah tells Dexter to ignore. A man then appears in the window whom Hannah refers to as her father, Clint. Uncomfortably, he talks to Hannah about his time in prison and how he wants to tell her that he loves her. He brings her a gift of a dollhouse that she had when she was a kid and leaves. Hannah tells Dexter that was one of the worst gifts he could have given her. She had received that dollhouse because he had left her in a hotel room for 3 days while he was at a poker game. Hannah tries to turn it around thinking that maybe he is trying and that this last stint did him some good. Dexter looks skeptical but reassures her that she may be right.

Back at headquarters, the arsonist is discussed. Dexter begins checking out the arson investigator while the rest of the force chases their tail. Hannah texts Dexter during the session which Masuka notices and questions. Deb somewhat rescues him, pulling him into her office for an uncomfortable chat about how she is going to continue hunting Hannah down. She does promise to not interfere in Dexter’s relationship. Deb shoos him away by telling him they have an arsonist to catch, when he leaves she takes a pill, Alprazolam (more commonly known as Xanex.)

Dexter continues his investigation into the arson investigator, passing Angel and Quinn as they interview more suspects: a janitor and an irritated woman. Dexter comes across the investigators SUV, looks inside and sees electric fuses and camping fuel. It turns out that he is part of a Civil War Reenactment special effects team. He gives Dexter an alibi which pulls Dexter away from his investigation of him. Hannah texts Dexter again telling him that they are having dinner with Clint that night. At dinner, Clint tells them of his plan of opening a crawfish farm in Louisiana after he leaves Miami.

The next morning, the arsonist strikes again, this time in a bus. His clue this time is putting an “It’s” on his signature, so it says “It’s Bobby”. While that is happening, Clint asks Hannah for $20,000 for his crawfish farm, and when she refuses he storms off, leaving Dexter and Hannah to argue over his attitude. Dexter doubts that Clint is a good person but Hannah believes there is good still inside of him. Later, Clint crashes his truck into Hannah’s greenhouse claiming that he had a few drinks. Clint continues to yell at Hannah telling her that she killed her mother and that she is a curse. As Clint yells at her, Hannah begins crying and breaking down causing Dexter to threaten him. Clint drives away and Dexter wonders how to put Hannah back together. The next morning he makes her a fabulous breakfast of fresh pancakes. They talk a little about her dad and his Dark Passenger, but before things get too deep, Dexter ends the conversation to leave for work. Misuka has a tape of the arsonist on the bus, but his face is never shown. What is shown is that he held the rail bare handed, giving them a print. Nadia calls Quinn, and tells him that George is sending her to Dubai.

While this is going on, LaGuerta meets up with Tom, where they decide to go back to the Everglades. There they findt that the person who was renting the cabin that Doakes blew up was one of the killers of Dexter’s mother. LaGuerta wants to rush off and question Dexter, but Tom holds her off telling her that he will do it since Dexter trusts him.

Quinn, with Angel as backup, goes to the club where he confronts George. George taunts Quinn, punching her in the face repeatedly. Quinn shoots George in the chest and tells Nadia to shoot him in the arm with George’s gun. As Angel comes into the room, Quinn tells Nadia to take the passport, money and run. Angel protests, but Quinn argues for her causing Angel to back down. Quinn lies to Angel and the police as to what went down.

Dexter and Deb talk about the arsonist after the fingerprint comes up blank in the system. Dexter says that the Bobby is kind of childish, putting them off on a tangent about how they wish they could look in Juvenile Records. As Deb walks away, Dexter takes this opportunity to take the fingerprint off the computer and breaks into the Juvenile Records  He finds Joseph Jensen as a match. He talks with Harry, where Harry asks him where the term Dark Passenger came from. He makes a point, saying that the Dark Passenger is as real as he is. Dexter realizes that he would have to then take responsibility for all that he does.

Back at his place, Dexter blows up a water wing for Harrison as Jamie gets him ready to take him for a swim. Clint knocks on Dexter’s door making Jamie uncomfortable and telling Harrison that he’ll have to learn to “sink or swim”. As soon as Jamie and Harrison leave, Clint tells Dexter that he knows Hannah’s former roommate who can put her in jail for poisoning and killing a counselor. He tells Dexter that he needs to give him the money or he will go to the police. Dexter tells him to get out before he sees his bad side, then goes to Hannah to let her know. Hannah decides right away to give her dad the money. Dexter would rather kill him but Clint doesn’t meet the code. He does know that Joseph Jensen does and heads out.

In his house, Jensen unloads more kerosene and opens up a room where his suit hides. Dexter is in there and chokes in into unconsciousness. Dexter then wakes him up on his table with smoke, blinding Jensen. They talk about responsibility which brings Dexter to the realization that The Dark Passenger is his responsibility. Dexter lets him free and leaves an anonymous tip for the police about Jensen. He then meets up with Clint in a garage where he drugs him and puts him on the boat. When Clint awakens he talks about how he doesn’t have to do this, but he needs to protect Hannah. Clint begs for his life but Dexter responds with a knife through the chest. He tosses him off the boat telling him he needs to sink or swim. Dexter then goes to Hannah to tell her that Clint will never bother her again. They embrace, Hannah telling Dexter that she loves him. Dexter says “I think I love you too.”

Back at headquarters, Deb tells Angel they need to find a woman named Arlene Schram, the roommate. It turns out Clint called the cops before Dexter took care of him.

So there are only two episodes left in this season. Do you think LaGuerta and Tom are going to figure out Dexter? Will Hannah take care of Deb in the way she knows how? Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this episode.