Junior hunters are the focal point in this week’s Supernatural as the Winchesters come across some kids living the life they know well; stalking things that go bump in the night.

Like any good horror flick taking place in Conway Springs, Kansas, two teens—one the very familiar Crissy Chambers—are looking for that double to get to second base when they hear something outside. When Aidan goes to investigate, big bad vamp breaks in and pulls Crissy towards its tender loving jaws until Aidan relieves said vamp of its head. Lined up in the classic super hero ensemble pose, Crissy remarks “one down, two to go.”

The next morning Sam and Dean roll into town, set on investigating two murders where the women had their throats ripped out (viscous animal attacks for Buffy fans). Dean’s still a bit unsure about Sam’s condition and when he makes the suggestion Sam sit this one out, the younger Winchester responds in kind and the two get into a serious snipping match. They put it aside and speak to the sheriff who gives them a bit more info on the kills as well as some very interesting footage of the vampire kill the night before. When he recognizes Crissy’s face, Dean orders him to put the kebob on the ABP he has out on the three kids. Remembering their connection from before, he’s set on finding her and getting to the bottom of everything.

Victor shares his unique ideas on training hunters at an early age

While the brothers start their search, Crissy and the mega-hunters (Josephine and Aidan) set up shop in a hotel, as they’ve tracked another vamp to the seedy establishment. Aidan and Josephine are the hands while Crissy stays behind as the brains. Just as Aidan picks the lock on the vamp’s door, finding a trussed up victim, Dean enters the room only to have a gun pulled on him by Crissy. She’s quite proud of what they’ve got going though things start heading south when the vamp sneaks up on Aidan and Josephine. Instead of attacking, it retreats toward a blue van hanging ten outside but by the time they catuch up to it-thanks to Crissy darting the vamp with a vial of dead man’s blood, the van is gone. Crissy holds Dean off from killing it (or him), as this is the one who killed Josephine’s family, though the vampire swears up and down that he’s innocent. Regardless, it’s off with his head. As the others bag the body, Crissy talks about what happened to her father. Dean empathizes but wants to take Crissy to her aunt in Cincinnati but she’s not about to do that. Instead, the brothers follow her and the three teen supreme to Casa del Victor, the man that’s teaching them and who the Winchesters met in Spokane awhile back. He explains to the brothers his idea of how the old ways of hunting doesn’t necessarily have to be the future. He wants to create better hunters who can have lives outside of just the kill. Dean’s less than happy about the idea though Sam’s not quite sure that it isn’t a good idea. Dean has Sam stay with the Brady Bunch while he searches for the nest. As he leaves in the Impala, the blue van rolls up and the hoodied stranger returns.

The next day, Sam’s thrust into the morning rush of teens getting ready for school. Victor shares a bit more about why he’s doing what he is while Dean talks to the victim they saved the night before. She gives him the lowdown on Jimmy Day, the vampire they killed and who just returned from overseas no more than a month back. It raises Dean’s suspicions even more. When he talks to Sam, the latter informs Dean about Victor finding the vamp responsible for killing Crissy’s dad. He ends up seeing the blue van and tells Victor and the two go on the hunt.

Dean’s on the prowl for clues, finding a bit about Hoodie. It leads him to Conway Springs lodge where he ends up finding a bloodied young woman who just so happens to be a newly minted vampire. Not too long after he arrives, the power pack enters with guns drawn, ready for some retribution. While Sam’s getting whacked in the head by Victor, Dean’s doing his best to convince the kiddies not to gank the newbie as they can still save her using her maker’s blood.

Tied to a chair, Sam’s given the lowdown on his fate by Victor and, did I mention just how much of a psycho Victor is? Dean and

Crissy and the gang confront Victor

the kids arrive a bit faster than Victor anticipated and Dean spills the beans on Victor with the psycho hunter admitting to the partnership with Hoodie. Things go downhill from there for Hoodie (stake to the eye and chest) and Victor. Crissy stands over him but instead of killing him, she leaves him sobbing and alone. It’s too much and he ends up taking his life; not a big loss.

The night’s events played out, Aidan and Josephine watch over the almost-vampire woman, back to normal while Dean and Crissy share a moment on what she wants to do with her life. She promises not to actively hunt, but if the baddies come a callin’, the kids will be ready. As they leave, Dean’s still raging against the idea of kids hunting like they did but Sam sees hope for the future. Dean thinks that if they close the hellhole, then maybe the kids can have a normal life. “They won’t be the only ones,” is Sam’s muttered reply and it says more than enough about just where his head is towards his own future.

A pretty solid standalone episode, “Freaks & Geeks” sets the stage—if so desired—for another branch of Supernatural lore in Crissy, Aidan, and Josephine. For the near future, however, Sam and Dean show just how different they are, about hunting and their own futures. Where that leads them as the season creeps towards the season (series?) finale remains to be seen.