Every time a new issue of Matt Fraction’s ‘Hawkeye’ comes out, I rant and rave about how it’s one of the best books available, and I really don’t think you guys are hearing me. Literally, there are very few books that I really, really get excited for when I’m checking what books are coming out on a given week, and ‘Hawkeye’ is one of them. It’s innovative, it’s interesting, and it’s a whole lot of fun. But if all my fanfare isn’t enough to convince you, now you can see for yourself the sort of things that happen in this book before taking it home with you.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, you can check out this preview for issue 5 of ‘Hawkeye’ which comes out this week. When we last left the Hawkeyes, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, the Avenger went after an ancient piece of technology called a VHS tape which contains footage of a mission that he’d rather forget. The Young Avenger follows him into the seedy criminal underbelly and executes a much better plan to acquire the tape which contains “a deadly secret that will change the course of Hawkeye’s relationship with the Avengers.” Take a look below at see what’s in store for the duo in this new issue hitting stands this Wednesday:

‘Hawkeye’ #5 written by Matt Fraction with art by Javier Pulido and Matt Hollingsworth and another phenomenal cover by David Aja will be available at your favorite comic retailer on December 5th.