ABC Cancels Supernatural Series ‘666 Park Avenue’

Posted Monday, November 19th, 2012 12:00 pm GMT -4 by

Thanksgiving is around the corner, but there is one show that won’t be giving thanks and that’s the ABC series ‘666 Park Avenue.’ ABC has announced that it will not give the freshmen series a full season pickup and the show will end after the original order of 13 episodes have all aired.

The writing has been on the wall for ‘666 Park Avenue’ for some time now as the series started off as a wonderfully spooky drama to it’s now soap opera oriented program with some supernatural elements involved. The hope was to gain the same viewers who watch its lead in show ‘Revenge’ but apparently the series wasn’t able to connect with them.

ABC is not officially saying that ‘666 Park Avenue’ is cancelled but instead is stating that it is leaving the door open for the series to return next season. If their midseason shows like ‘Red Widow’ or ‘Zero Hour’ perform worse than ‘666 Park Avenue,’ then there is a chance the show will come back. However, while possible, this is a highly unlikely scenario.

’666 Park Avenue’ was based on a series of novels by Gabriella Pierce. The show centered on a young couple who is hired to manage a historic apartment building where supernatural happenings threaten the lives of the residents. The series starred Terry O’Quinn (‘Lost,’ ‘Falling Skies’), Vanessa Williams (‘Desparate Housewives’), Dave Annable (‘Brothers and Sisters’) and Rachel Taylor (‘The Darkest Hour,’ ‘Charlie’s Angels’).

It’s a shame that the series was not given a chance to succeed as there are not too many opportunities for new concepts for shows to air. While the sci-fi comedy ‘The Neighbors’ did get a full season order, the series is based on a rather familiar and worn idea (alien life form trying to blend in with the human world) played out in various ways and have already been done numerous times with ‘Mork and Mindy,’ ‘Alf,’ and even so far back as ‘My Favorite Martian.’

ABC has not yet announced what will take the time slot of ‘666 Park Avenue,’ so if you were one of the few who were watching the supernatural soap opera, make sure you don’t get too attached as the tenants will be moving out and the building foreclosed in the next few months.


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  • sue

    I love 666 parl avenue!
    with so many people living there, the stories are never ending!! why take it of!!

  • WadeWWilson87

    I thought that 666
    Park Avenue was worth watching, but fans of the
    show were a little scarce. I only knew of two other people that work with me at
    DISH who liked its take on the supernatural. I’m saving the remaining episodes
    to my DISH Hopper for anytime I’m feeling nostalgic once it’s over. With a 2TB
    hard drive, I’m able to save everything I want to keep my TV life satisfied. Cheers
    to the veteran actors; hopefully they will find something else for next season.

  • Don’t take this show…off…I love the fact there are several tenants…I mean how much can you write about; if you only focus on 1 or 2 or 3 tenants…that’s the point…The show is about all those who reside in the past , present and future of 666 Park ave. Furthermore…this is the only show my husband and I can agree on. We can’t wait put the kids to we can watch our show… I love seeing the fresh faces of these actors…they work good together… Furthermore…people don’t really want to admit they watch a show called 666….especially when they are Christian…or other religious denominations. But I’m a Christian and I must admit I love the mystery of this show.

  • AnOutsider

    I’m honestly a bit surprised by the support here. We found the show pretty bland and it soon started getting removed from the TiVo without watching, I didn’t think it would last.

  • teruca

    very dissapointed. It is a great show to watch fro scifi fans!

  • I really enjoyed the show, and I think it would have been a big hit ,given alittle more time! I am very disappointed!