This season of AMC’s hit show ‘The Walking Dead’ is certainly becoming quite intense. The past two episodes, ‘The Killer Within’ and ‘Say The Word’, have been doozies! Both of those episodes ended by leaving us with so many questions and feelings that we had to dwell over for the whole week. Now, thanks to Comic Book Movie, we can ease the pain a little by getting a little sneak peek into this weekend’s episode, ‘Hounded’, with this brand new promo. Though the scenes go by fairly quickly, there may be a clue in there that may determine who Rick is on the phone with at the end of the episode.

I can tell that the anticipation is getting to you, so go ahead and check out the new promo below:

While ‘Walking Dead’ fans that only watch the show are scratching their heads wondering who’s on the phone, those of us who read the comics have a good idea where this whole thing is going. And no, I won’t tell you who it is! However, as we’ve seen a few times already this season and as showrunner Glen Mazzara previously stated, things are bound to happen a little differently on the show than in the comics, and so far it’s been great to watch.

‘The Walking Dead’ starring Andrew Lincoln, Laurie Holden, Scott Wilson, Emily Kinney, Steven Yuen, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Melissa Suzanne McBride, Michael Rooker, and David Morrissey airs every Sunday at 9:00pm on AMC.

What do you think about this season of ‘The Walking Dead’ so far? What do you think about this promo for the new episode? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!