Werewolves seem to be making a comeback lately being featured in shows like ‘Being Human,’ ‘Teen Wolf’ and in movies like ‘Jack and Diane.’ In fact, David Hayter has taken them on in his first directorial debut. The project has been in development for some time now and we finally have an official synopsis and movie stills to show you.

‘Wolves’ is based on a screenplay that Hayter wrote a few years back. No stranger to mutant transformations, he’s also the scribe who wrote ‘X2,’ ‘X-Men’ and ‘Watchmen.’ Jason Momoa (‘Conan the Barbarian,’ ‘Game of Thrones’) was announced back in August to star in the film and in the stills below, he looks quite the  wolfish villain he was signed on to play.

Also released was a one sheet for the film. While I love the log line, “Twilight with a bit more bite to it, and without the abstinence,” I highly doubt the saying will be in the final version of the poster… but one can only hope.

If you’re wondering what the movie will be about, here is the official synopsis:

Cayden Richards, 18, has it all: Captain of the high school football team; straight-A student; gorgeous girlfriend. But when he wakes one dark night to find his parents brutally murdered, he is horrified to realize that he is turning into an animal: a wild, savage wolf. Panicked, Cayden runs, determined to find out what is happening to him. His quest leads him to the strange, isolated town of Lupine Ridge, where two clans of wolves are on the brink of war. The opposing clans are led by Connor, the powerful, pure-blood alpha of a savage pack and John Tollerman, an old farmer, committed to protecting the human citizens of Lupine Ridge. But when Cayden falls for Angelina, the beautiful, young mate promised to Connor, a battle to the death is inevitable. And as the past begins to reveal itself, Cayden’s place in the world becomes clearer – as does his power to put an end to the savage violence building up around and within him…

Lucas Till (‘X-Men: First Class,’ ‘Battle Los Angeles’) will play the lead role of Cayden while Mamoa will be opposite Till as Conner.

In an interview with Collider, make-up effects artist/supervisor David Elsey (who won an Oscar for his work on the film ‘The Wolfman’) had stated that ‘Wolves’ will not be what most people will expect:

“It’s very violent and bloody, but it’s less like ‘The Wolfman’ and actually a lot more like an X-Men kind of movie.  It’s more of a kind of action movie.  Our werewolves…one of the big differences is our werewolves speak in this and they have hopes and dreams like anybody else.”

So what do you think? Is there room for another werewolf film?

‘Wolves’ is slated to be released sometime in 2013 but no specific date has been given. Once one is, we’ll let you know!