Back when DC jumped the shark and unveiled the Joker’s new look in their solicits a few months back, you may remember seeing two covers that depicted the Clown Prince of Crime sporting his new look. One was for ‘Batman’ #14 and the other was for ‘Batgirl’ #14. Well, this week is the week that these books hit the shelves for real. A few days ago, we showed you a preview of ‘Batman’ #14. Scott Snyder’s next installment of his ‘Death of the Family’ storyline. Now, we have an exclusive preview of Gail Simone’s contribution to the story in ‘Batgirl,’ which throws back to a certain game-changing Batman tale from the eighties.

Thanks to Comic Book Resources, we can check out a few pages that catch up with Barbra Gordon as the Joker terrorizes her in a very familiar way. Actually, it might be familiar to long-time Batman fans as well because it appears that Simone will be playing off of Alan Moore’s iconic Batman tale ‘The Killing Joke’ where the villain terrorized Commissioner Gordon’s little girl and paralyzed her, turning her into Oracle. I’m pretty interested to see how well Batgirl fairs this time around when she goes against the Dark Knight’s arch-nemesis.

Check out the pages below, and then share your thoughts in the comments below: