DC Comic’s Senior Vice President of Digital Hank Kanalz announced that the publisher is taking a huge step in distributing their comics digitally. Previously, the only way to get the newest DC books the same day as they hit the shelves at local comic shops was through the official company app or through ComiXology. Now, the company will start selling monthly comics in the Kindle Store, the iBookstore, and the Nook Book Store.

While the heroes of the DC Universe weren’t absent from those venues before as graphic novels were available for purchase from those stores, Kanalaz mentioned that he “wants comics to be available on any platform where readers want to find them”. Furthermore, he stated that this integration would allow fans to “watch their movies, read their prose and their comics all in one device, in one library”.

The article also notes that digital sales numbers are up 197% from last year, but the growth hasn’t affected the sales of their print books, which are also up by 12%. Despite digital sales going up, the VP notes that “print rules the roost as far as storytelling goes” with comics. However, like Marvel and their Infinite Comics line of books made specifically for mobile devices, DC is also aiming to release more digital-only content. So far, they have one for Arrow, which ties in with the CW television program, and ‘Legends of the Dark Knight’, a Batman comic designed specifically for the iPad.

While I’m glad DC is finally cozying up to the idea of digital comics, I wish they’d offer digital copies of their books with select physical titles like Marvel does. Paying the extra dollar for the digital copy is kind of a bummer after getting some digital copies free from Marvel.

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