It’s no secret that the movie industry is in the business of making money and a good way for them to do so is with movie franchises.  So when Disney bought out Lucasfilm last week, the deal sent a reverberating tremor throughout the industry.

With the ‘Star Wars’ franchise now owned by Disney (with the prior films moving out of 20th Century Fox’s hands in 2015), Empire decided to sit down and take a look at which studios owned which characters. They put together this nifty inforgraphic to help explain the breakdown of which movie series belonged where.

Interesting to note is that Paramount owns the most franchises with 11 total (although they will be sharing ‘Indiana Jones’ with Disney) with Fox close behind with 10. Empire did explain that they’ve not only listed franchises that have been recently released but also those that could possibly return for more, hence the addition of ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’ but not ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘The Matrix.’ Also, since Empire is a UK based site, these franchises are grouped by which studios distribute these franchises in the UK, but in terms of us across the pond, they are the same studios that distribute the franchises here.

So take a look and see who you think has the best franchise line up!