Yesterday Hugh Jackman and James Mangold sat down and participated in a live stream fan Q&A for the film ‘The Wolverine.’ While the segment was rather short, the two did talk at length about the vision of the film, what fans can expect and how this movie is very different than the other ‘X-Men’ films that have been made.

One of the main themes throughout the talk was how the film would examine the rage that Wolverine is well known for. As Jackman states, “His ultimate weapon is his rage. If you look at all the mutants, there are other mutants with stronger powers – on paper. But who’s the person you least want to annoy? Wolverine.”

Although there are still a few weeks of production (which Mangold hints includes the filming of some major scenes in the movie), the two still had plenty to reveal!

As mentioned before, ‘The Wolverine’ will take place sometime after the events of 2006’s ‘X-Men: The Last Stand.’ As Mangold explains:

“It finds Logan at a point when the X-Men are gone; Jean Gray is gone; a lot of the ties he had to the world, are gone. I wanted to place this story somewhere where Hugh and I could develop a movie which could create its own world, wouldn’t have to in a sense hand off to another movie or answer to another movie.”

Instead of Wolverine obsessing about what he can’t remember, this film will explore his present and what it means to be immortal. No longer grappling with his past, he now struggles with the knowledge that he’s loss everything and everyone that has mattered to him. This allows the character to become “more desperate” and more rage filled than ever.

Mangold said in the Q&A that the Frank Miller/Chris Claremont Japan storyline is one of his favorites and it was important to him to get the story right because of his affection for it.  The adaptation of the story arc works well with the post-‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ events as it creates a natural conflict for Wolverine as he’s placed in a society that values duty, honor and family to which Wolverine, at that point in time, has none.

Another notable difference that Mangold made sure of is that Wolverine will be more grounded, with less emphasis on his superpowers and more insight on a weakness that his enemies exploit. “We’ve made a concerted effort to make the film feel more real, to pull back on the super duper abilities of Logan,” says Mangold. Jackman added, “In this movie, how do we put it…let’s just say he discovers his Kryptonite.”

To find out more about what Jackman and Mangold had to say about ‘The Wolverine,’ you can watch the entire session in the player below.

In addition, 20th Century Fox unveiled the first official teaser poster for the film which you can check out after the video.

And if that weren’t enough, Fox Russia has confirmed that the film will be in 3D when it is released in theaters.

So what do you think of this new take on Wolverine? Would you go see it in 3D? Sound off in the comments below.

Live Chat With Hugh Jackman and James Mangold:

‘The Wolverine’ Official Teaser Poster:

Source: EW