Last week on Dexter, Deb continues to debate on what to do with Dexter’s addiction. She tries to convince him to send Harrison away, along with telling him how things just don’t sit right with her. Dexter tries to make it up to her, tries to explain what happens, but in the end kills Speltzer, burning him, and showing Deb the ashes coming from the chimney, as a way to draw a truce to things. Hannah continues to step in Dexter’s life, confusing him. Quinn continues his relationship with the stripper, while Angel feels the bartender was a patsy for the Russian Mob. Will LaGuerta get closer to Dexter this week? Will Hannah continue to be a part of his life? We can only imagine this week can get crazier, as we get into the fifth episode of this season!

Dexter is polishing his boat while chatting with Harry. He notices blood in the cracks on his boat, discovering pools of blood that had been cleaned. He swabs it for a DNA sample. Back in the lab Misouka talks to Quinn about getting fired. He then confronts Deb, who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Misouka explains that there was evidence sent to a private lab under LaGuerta’s name and he wants to know if that means he is about to get the axe. Deb assures him that LaGuerta probably knows how swamped he is and didn’t want to add another thing to his list, which he thinks over and appreciates it. Deb goes to LaGuerta to ask about the lab, eyeing Lundy’s notebook on her desk. LaGuerta confides in Deb about the blood slide found at the scene of Travis’ death. They discuss the possibility of the Bay Harbor Butcher still being alive, that it wasn’t Doakes the whole time. Deb decides to help LaGuerta with her investigation, hopefully keeping the evidence off of Dexter. In the elevator back down to the headquarters Deb has a fit. Dexter works on his computer, matching the DNA on his boat to Louis, questioning how he died there and why he was there in the first place. Deb comes in with the folder from LaGuerta explaining her plan to him. He points out 3 of the people on this list as his kills which Deb takes them on as her own for interviews. Dexter tries to convince her to walk away from it, but she walks away from him instead.

Dexter heads back to his apartment continuing to wonder why Louis was killed on his boat. He notices something off about the door, turns around and walks away. He then calls his apartment faking a message for the machine while Issac sits inside waiting for him. The message says that he wouldn’t be back until late, so Issac packs his things and leaves while Dexter watches from the car. Dexter wonders if the mob knows he killed Viktor and sent a hitman after him. Issac walks to a coffeehouse down the block where Dexter calls him on the public line. Dexter asks him why he was in his apartment which Issac replies he wanted to talk to him about Viktor. Dexter denies knowing who Viktor is. Issac tells him about Louis and what Louis said about him. Issac gives away that he did his homework, knowing about Deb being his sister. Dexter tells him that he works alone and that Deb knows nothing about it. They hang up and Dexter rushes to Deb to show her the picture of Issac he snapped on his phone, telling her the conversation and that she might be in trouble. He convinces her not to go home, to stay with him in a motel that night just to be safe. Dexter tells her about Viktor and how he killed him and that Alex must have been a patsy. Deb makes him swear that he will never take a case from the police department again, from her again.

Later on, Dexter tails Issac figuring out he is a boss in the mob. Angel calls him in. Hannah is on her way in to talk through what happened on the roadtrip with Wayne. As she walks them through the objects, Dexter realizes that these are nostalgic memories for her, not ones of regret. She asks Dexter if he will be at the dig site the next day which he replies “I hope so”.

In the motel, Dexter muses that killing Issac would piss off the mob but make the Columbians happy. Deb complains about the state of the motel they are in, unhappy with her current predicament. Dexter tells her that he has a plan which should hopefully keep them out of the motel after one night. They talk a little about when they were kids and going to Myrtle Beach.

The next day at the dig site, Angel and Dexter hope that there is bodies found since the day is so hot. They don’t want to be out there for nothing. Angel asks Dexter about Alex, if he thinks he’s a patsy. Dexter goes by the evidence, which Angel excuses himself to get rid of the bugs. Hannah approaches Dexter asking him what he does all day. Dexter tells her he isn’t needed unless there is blood, which she cringes at and says she doesn’t think she can handle that. She muses that they are talking like they are on a date, but Dexter is then called away.

LaGuerta is waiting for Deb at the front of the house she is interviewing the wedding photographer that Dexter had killed is at. She decided they would interview this one together. The son answers the door, telling them that his mother got called into work, but he sits them down to talk to them, giving them a box of photographs from the final wedding he photographed. The son tells them that the father never returning was the best thing that happened to him. Going through the photos, Deb finds one of the pictures has Dexter in the corner. She tells LaGuerta that she should finish going through them in the office, which she agrees to. Not long after they leave. Back at the dig site, Dexter goes through the bodies discovered while Hannah watches. Dexter goes through his usual “going through the scene,” noticing that there are stab wounds that match something that Hannah must have done. Hannah confronts Dexter about why he trailed off, which he tells her that he knows she did the stabbing. He asks her about her immunity in the courts, which is how she got away with things.  Hannah tells him that “a girl gotta protect herself.” As she walks away, Dexter notices Issac above him watching.

Dexter is being tailed quickly by Issac who is not letting him get away. Dexter doesn’t let him, leading him to a Columbian bar. He walks through, climbing out the window in the back restroom. Issac walks in slowly after him, only to be confronted by three angry Columbians. Dexter hears shots fired, and drives away.

Angel confronts Deb about Alex being the patsy in the murder, but before he can really talk to her about it, he gets called by dispatch about the murder in the bar. Dexter is surprised to find out that Issac isn’t dead but the Columbians are. Dexter plays through the scene, surprising the police by saying there was only one killer, although brutally efficient. Quinn leaves on an errand while Deb and Dexter discuss if they are in trouble. Quinn picks up Nadia while George and Issac discuss him in the back room. They leave a bag of cash in his car, hoping that he’ll look the other way to Issac’s blood being in the Columbian bar. He tosses the money in the glove compartment and drives away.

Back in headquarters, Dexter analyzes the blood while Deb watches, putting Issac at the scene. Issac is quickly arrested, already having his lawyer ready. While he is walked through the police headquarters, Dexter and him make eye contact. Dexter muses that maybe they can have the face to face talk that Issac was desperate for since he will be behind bars. That night, Deb is confronted again by Angel about Alex being a patsy. Deb shuts him down quickly, telling him to drop it. As long as they have Issac, and Alex giving himself up, she couldn’t afford to re-open the case. Angel storms out of the office.

Dexter goes to see Issac through the glass at the jail. Issac tells him that he underestimated him. Dexter ask him why is it so important that he is killed. Issac tells him that it is because he killed Viktor and he liked Viktor. Issac tells him a story of his great uncle, which then transferred to his grandfather who eventually got revenge on someone after years telling Dexter things are far from over. Dexter tells him he is not some fat little man and that if he ever found out who he really is he would regret it.

Deb goes to see Dexter, showing him the picture that she uncovered from the wedding photographer’s son. Dexter realizes Deb saved him, thanking her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be involved in that part of his life, that she doesn’t even want to know about it. Deb tells him that she had to lie to Angel for him and that was the moment she realized she can’t do it.  Dexter asks if LaGuerta’s investigation is closed, but Deb doesn’t think it is. Deb brings up Lundy, but they then go back to talking about Myrtle Beach. Things quickly change back to work but Dexter tells her not to worry. Dexter then burns the picture that Deb brought him.

So do you think Deb really will stay out of Dexter’s Dark Passengers life? How do you think Issac is going to come after Dexter, using his pawns or waiting until he is out of jail? Do you think Angel will continue searching for Viktor, eventually leading him to Dexter?

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