It’s a sad day for all in the genre as G4 has officially announced that it has cancelled two of its flagship shows, ‘Attack of the Show!’ and ‘X-Play.’

About a month ago we reported that G4 would be undergoing a rebranding of the network from a more chic less geek look. Well, it appears the less geek has now taken into effect as the leading suppliers of tech, gaming and geek information on television will soon be saying their farewells. Both shows will continue airing new episodes in the new few weeks leading up to their finales in December.

‘Attack of the Show!’ and ‘X-Play’ are the longest running shows on the network with ‘Attack of the Show!’ having already aired around 1,700 episodes and ‘X-Play’ around 1,300. The series has also been credited for launching the careers of such personalities as Olivia Munn (‘Iron Man 2,’ ‘The Newsroom,’ ‘Perfect Couples’), Chris Hardwick (‘The Nerdist’), Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler and have showcased the inner geek of celebrities as James Cameron, Ryan Reynolds, Jimmy Fallon, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In fact, both ‘Attack of the Show!’ and ‘X-Play’ pioneered the now familiar live-from-the-floor coverage of two of the biggest conventions in the geek world: San Diego Comic Con and E3.

A list of guest hosts will join in on the farewell “tour” which includes John Barrowman (‘Torchwood,’ ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Arrow’), Michael Ian Black (‘Reaper’),  Paul Scheer (‘Electric City,’ ‘Tron: Uprising,’ ‘Pirahna 3DD’) and Horatio Sanz (‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘Wreck it Ralph’).

‘X-Play’ made its television premiere in 2003 when the network was still called TechTV and immediately became the go-to destination for all things gaming including video game news, reviews and hands on demos. Two years later, ‘Attack of the Show!’ debuted and became the ultimate guide to the new and cool in the world of tech, web culture, gaming and basically things all good and nerdy.

In a statement released from the network, G4 Media GM, Adam Stotsky said:

“Attack of the Show! and X-Play have been important for G4, and we want to acknowledge the creative people who have helped inspire and showcase the phenomenon of gamer culture. With more than 3,000 episodes aired between them, we have more than enough great material to honor these innovators and their amazing contributions as we bring both shows to a close.”

If there was hope that G4 may be continuing on the tech/geek trend in its rebranding, don’t hold your breath as TVGuide is reporting that the channel “may” be looking to partner with ‘Esquire’ magazine (or another men’s periodical like ‘GQ’) in order to present a more upscale and sophisticated guy TV space. In fact, one of the possible new names for the channel was said to be ‘G4 Men.’ Sources have also revealed to TVGuide that some of the programming expected to be seen on the “new” network include ‘Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan’ and shows from Anthony Bourdain and Aziz Ansari though it was stressed that nothing has yet been confirmed.

With Syfy being the remaining network that is trying to be more sci-fi and less wrestling with new shows like ‘Defiance,‘ this would be a great opportunity for the network to expand on their non-scripted programs and add these two shows in the mix. But until any network decides to snag what is obviously shows that have a following, we will send a grateful thank you for the two that started it all in showing that being a geek was not too nerdy.