With filmmaking becoming more and more affordable and the easy access to upload work online, it’s no wonder aspiring filmmakers use the internet to display their work. Many shorts have been “discovered” by studios and have gone on to be made into feature length films. Pitching movie ideas via viral shorts are beginning to replace the traditional route of submitting a screenplay and hoping someone actually reads it (before tossing it into the circular file cabinet) approach in the industry.

Such is the case with the short film ‘True Skin.’ Stephan Zlotsecu wrote and directed the original short as a means to pitch it to studios in hopes to launch interest in a feature film version. Little did he imagine that less than 1 week it hit online, studios would be jumping through hoops to obtain the film rights. But it was Warner Bros. who was able to snag the honors and has already signed David Heyman (producer for ‘Gravity’ and the ‘Harry Potter’ movie franchise) to produce.

‘True Skin’ is set in the not-too-distant future in a time where everyone is augmenting their bodies. The short’s protagonist is unable to afford an augmentation in the U.S. so he heads to Bangkok to get it done. He is implanted with a prototype chip that is slowly turning him into a robot. The chip is a hot item and our hero goes on the run from those who want it back.

The feature will expand the story to add the hero not only being on the run but adding the element of time as he not only has to elude the shadowy forces after him, but he also has to save what’s left of his humanity.

Zloetescu will direct the feature and Chris Sewall, who also produced the short, will also serve as co-producer for the film. No word on who will scribe the feature’s screenplay.

Zloetescu has made a name for himself as a leading FX specialist and has worked on videos for Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj. The short was made on a limited budget but Zlotescu’s experience has made the short look like it was a major production. His style has definitely made Warner Bros. take notice and they now hope Zloetescu can do the same for the feature if given a budget similar to the found footage sci-fi hit ‘Chronicle.’

If you’re intrigued about the concept, we have the Zloetescu’s short film below. The look of the short is incredible considering a lot of money was not put into it. Now imagine how more wondrous it would be with a $12 million budget (the amount that was spent on ‘Chronicle’). You have to agree, ‘True Skin’ has the potential of being a big sci-fi film.

What do you think? Would you watch a full length feature film of ‘True Skin’ in the theaters?

‘True Skin:’

Source: THR