Last issue, Rick discovered that Andrea not only protected their settlement of Alexandria from Negan’s men, but took one of them, Dwight, prisoner.  Shockingly, Rick let Dwight go and tells the others that they should submit to Negan, since he doesn’t believe they can stand against his forces.  But that wasn’t all.  The issue closed with a clandestine conversation between Rick and Jesus, revealling that Rick secretly had other plans and this was simply part of a charade.

In this issue, we see Dwight making his way back to Negan’s base, unaware that he is being shadowed by Jesus.  Unfortunately, that’s all we get of that subplot this issue.

Back in Alexandria, Andrea is angrily packing her things to move out of Rick’s place.  His hand forced, Rick clues Andrea in on his plan and she changes her mind and agrees to stay.  He also tries to assure Carl that things will work out, but is cut off when Negan and some of his men arrive to collect half of Alexandria’s supplies.

While they wait at the gates, they “prove” their worth by slaying some zombies.  Once Rick lets them in, Negan emasculates Rick by making him carry Lucille, the barb wire wrapped baseball bat he used to kill Glenn.  Negan has a tense encounter with Carl, who ultimately backs down.  Negan’s men don’t touch Rick’s food supply, but they take almost all of their powerful drugs, leaving only aspirin, penicillin and cold medicine.  It still works out to half, though and Rick must convince Denise to let them have what they want.

Negan just can’t leave without rubbing Rick’s face in his defeat.

As if I weren’t still furious about Glenn’s death, this slow burn, roll-over on Rick’s part is absolutely driving me crazy.  Negan grows more repugnant in every appearance.  I really hope we start to see some vengence soon, because Negan and his men’s trangressions against Rick (and the reader) are rapidly piling up. To Rick’s credit, his display of restraint in this issue actually ranks up there as one of the hardest things he’s had to do in this series.

The brief Jesus scene was interesting.  This character is still something of a mystery figure, but he’s growing more appealling.

Another great issue, but it’s infuriatingly slow and obviously part of the larger storyline.  Robert Kirkman is agonizingly teasing the readers, who are all thirsty for revenge… bloody, bloody revenge… but rather than delivering that satisfaction, he piles on more and more reasons to WANT that revenge.  It sucks, but at the same time, it’s brilliant.


Written by Robert Kirkman
Art and Cover by Charlie Adlard