Whether you like him or love him, Grant Morrison has definitely delivered some fresh stories into the Superman mythos with his run on ‘Action Comics’. While Morrison still have another 5 months left of his Superman tales, DC Comics is already gearing up for what comes next.

This coming March, the team of Andy Diggle (‘Daredevil’) and Tony Daniel (‘Detective Comics’) will be taking over ‘Action Comics’ with issue #18. Diggle is best known for the Vertigo title ‘The Losers’ that was made into a film of the same name. Daniel is fresh off of writing/art duties at the New 52 ‘Detective Comics’. On ‘Action Comics’, Daniel will leave writing duties to Diggle while he handles the art.

The biggest surprise of the new creative team is a teaser image that DC released (via ComicBookMovie) that shows a very different look for the Man of Steel. Superman is now sporting a black version of his suit with a silver “S” logo and highlights. It think it looks pretty cool, especially since it has been shown that the new Kryptonian armor has the ability to change appearances and I expect the change won’t be permanent.

On the other hand, the black does remind me a lot of this suit from the ‘90s…

At least there’s no mullet.

What do you think of Supe’s new look? Comment below and let us know.