While Syfy may have its share of great original programing with the shows ‘Alphas’ and ‘Warehouse 13’, the television company has had a lot of its biggest hits with imported shows like the Canadian show ‘Lost Girl’.

Syfy is continuing the trend of brining Canadian and UK shows to US audiences with the announcement today (via Deadline) that they will soon be airing the ‘Primeval’ spin-off ‘Primeval: New World’.

The original ‘Primeval’ was a UK show that followed a group of scientists as they investigated temporal anomalies that allowed creatures and beings from the past and future enter into the present. That show was popular enough to yield a Canadian spin-off titled ‘New World’. The Canadian version of ‘Primeval’ has pretty much the same premise as the original series but the setting has been moved to Vancouver, BC and the show’s creators call the show an “older, darker and scarier” version of the show.

The cast of ‘Primeval: New World’ includes a few actors who are no strangers to the sci-fi genre. Included are Niall Matter (‘Eureka’) and Sara Canning (‘The Vampire Diaries’) along with Danny Rahim (‘Young James Herriot’) who play the central team of investigative scientists.

‘Primeval: New World’ wrapped the filming of its first season this past July and, while it has yet to begin airing in its home country, Syfy has already signed on to air the show for US television. Along with Syfy’s announcement, Syfy’s partner Hulu also announced that they will be handing the US distribution of ‘Primeval: New World’ for the video on demand segment.

I like the idea of futuristic sci-fi clashing with dinosaurs, so it is surprising that I’ve never caught a single episode of the original ‘Primeval’ but I think, with this new show on the way, it’s as good a time as any to catch up on the original.

‘Primeval: New World’ is set to air on Syfy sometime in 2013.

What do you think? Are you ready for more ‘Primeval’?