Star Trek: Discovery

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, and that means we’ll be getting a barrage of trailers over the next few days. Of course, the most important one (at least, to someone with my resume) is already here. That’s right, CBS just dropped the first trailer for the second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’!

When last we left the Discovery, the ship had been without a captain following the late-season revelations regarding Lorca. While en route to Vulcan to pick up her new commanding officer, she was met by the Enterprise and… roll credits.

Well, now we can start filling in the gaps of what comes next, as much of the trailer is dedicated to exactly that. After reprising the Season One cliffhanger, the trailer wastes no time in introducing us to Captain Christopher Pike, the Enterprise’s current commanding officer (here played by Anson Mount). Pike is here to assume (presumably temporary) command of the Discovery, taking the ship on a mission to investigate a series of strange energy signatures that Starfleet believes to be of alien origin. In addition to giving us plenty of Pike, the trailer also (briefly) introduces Tig Notaro’s character, Denise Reno, and continues the ongoing teases of a potential appearance by everyone’s favorite half-Vulcan science officer, who Burnham believes may have some connection to this mysterious phenomenon.

It also suggests that the show’s oft-squandered supporting cast may have more to do this year, and includes what may well be my new favorite Tilly line, so there’s something for everyone!

The full trailer, which clocks in at two and a half minutes, is available here:

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will premiere on CBS All Access in January 2019.