After weeks of teasers and basically no footage from the series, FX has finally released a fantastic behind the scenes featurette that teases what the asylum is all about.

The featurette includes clips of cast members in their costumes talking about we can expect in the upcoming season. According to executive producer Dante Di Loreto, “This season of American Horror Story: Asylum is the sexiest, scariest thrill ride I have ever read.”

Of course nothing too spoilery is discussed or shown but the short glimpses of footage and the behind the scenes look during filming makes up for this. The big questions that will be asked this season are ‘What is sanity’ and ‘What is insanity’ as the series seems to move their focus on psychological horrors than supernatural ones.

Well soon find out what dark twisted secrets the asylum holds when ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ premieres on FX at 10PM starting October 17th.

‘American Horror Story’ Featurette: Inside the Asylum:

Source: Blastr