Superhero stories must be Max Landis’ forte as the ‘Chronicle’ scribe will be teaming up with producer Howard Gordon (’24,’ ‘Awake,’ ‘Homeland’) to bring a new superhero series to the Fox network.

‘Viglante’ is the brain child of Landis and is said to be a superhero origin story about a smart 20 year old woman who also happens to be a social outcast. After her father is brutally coerced into working for the corrupt head of Internal Affairs, she plans her vengeance by creating a fictional vigilante persona to fight crime within the city and the police department. No word as to whether the superhero will have any special powers or if she will the female version of ‘Arrow,’ a realistic type of superhero relying on her wit and physical agility.

Fox is keen with the concept and has given the project a script plus penalty option. Landis will not only scribe the pilot but will co-executive produce alongside with Gordon.

Landis is currently writing ‘Chronicle 2’ which will be directed by another director as Josh Trank is busy prepping for another one of Fox’s properties, the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot. His other script, ‘Good Time Gang,’ is said to be in pre-production and has Mark Wahlberg as its leading man.

This is the second project in development with Fox for Gordon who just sold a family adventure series to the network and his fourth sale overall this development season.

As ‘Vigilante’ is still in the early stages of development, no other information is known but with Landis and Gordon behind it, this is one project that I would like to see come to life.

Source: THR