Neil DeGrasse Tyson orville

No matter what you might think of ‘The Orville,’ it appears that there is at least one area in which it is pretty accurate and that is the science. While it might be hard to imagine that Seth MacFarlane is concerned about that aspect of the series, you might be interested to know that Neil deGrasse Tyson and his team have consulted on ‘The Orville’ on numerous instances. The reason behind this isn’t actually that much of a stretch as producer Jason Clark has shared that the series actually has a team of scientific advisors they turn to.

“There is some crossover, in that Andre Bormanis and Seth MacFarlane, who’s an incredible part of the Cosmos storytelling team, and then Andre, who’s our science advisor, actually advises on both shows. So if we’re on The Orville, we say ‘Well, what would that black hole look like?’ We call Andre, and he’s meanwhile advising on Cosmos. So, we have the benefit of the Cosmos team to give us advice, right up to Neil, who we also call for advice on our science fiction show. And that’s really a great benefit benefit of doing both of them.”

So thanks to connections to ‘Cosmos,’ we’ve actually gotten a pretty accurate view of future technology on ‘The Orville’ that could theoretically happen. While the series is known for juvenile humor, the science part of this science fiction series is vetted for being potentially grounded in reality. We know that ‘The Orville’ was tackling quite a few social issues that “Star Trek” would have once handled and now it appears it is trying to be even more faithful to reality than ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has been thought to do.

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‘The Orville’ will rocket back onto Fox for a second season on December 30th, 2018!

Source: Screen Rant