Victor Garber gets to have all the fun these days, playing the non-uniform wearing half of the hero Firestorm on ‘The Flash,’ as well as being tapped to be a series regular on the new ‘Legends of Tomorrow.’ Fans have been curious about whether that means Garber will not be appearing in Season 2 of the ‘Flash,’ but according to a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Garber claims:

“Robbie and I will be joined on the first episode of the [next] season of The Flash, and then we’ll see what happens.”

Which of course launched all kinds of internet speculation, on whether Garber’s character or Amell’s character could become Firestorm on their own without the other, and what exactly is going to happen to Robbie Amell’s character, Ronnie Raymond, who had just gotten his happy ending with Caitlyn Snow at the end of the ‘Flash’ season 1. Luckily, Garber did mention that though Amell is not a series regular on ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ he will be making an appearance, which I hope means he will not be killed off early next year.

As for details about ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ Garber spoke briefly on the 15 episode commitment by the network, with the new show set to air in the mid-season hiatus for both ‘Arrow’ and the ‘Flash’ in January 2016.

“They [The CW] aren’t going to introduce a limited series. This isn’t HBO. They want the Full Monty,”

This statement alone is enough to get my fanboy side excited, as the CW picking up the back 9 episodes means they’ll most likely be airing the rest of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season one in summer time after the finales of ‘Arrow’ and the ‘Flash,’ which means we’ll have more of the CW/DC Universe to enjoy during the summer, cutting down on the long months before its parent shows premiere their new seasons in the fall.

The rest of Garber’s interview mainly just talked about all the heroes and villains featured on the show, and how all the pieces will fit together:

“That’s going to be the fun of it. We’re all these characters put together and we will see how we all function and try to do something together.”

And lastly, the small bit from Garber talking about how he feels fortunate to be playing a superhero who doesn’t have to wear any costume, or tights.

“I just talked to [NBC’s Blindspot’heavily-tattooed lead character] Jaimie Alexander. She’s gorgeous, but she has to sit for seven hours to do the makeup. That’s my worst nightmare.”

The interview clearly was very informative, and made me like Garber even more than I already did, as I appreciate his acting and the gravitas he brings to any show he’s on. He always manages to take the material seriously, even if he’s a mad scientists bound by fire-y powers to another human being, who’s scientific specialty involves the intricacies of time-travel and wormholes. If he could get me to buy into his character with that kind of set-up, the man might actually have real super-powers.

Source: TheHollywoodReporter